Warhammer Online: Post 1.3.6: MY MODS!!!

Yeah, I should probably write and article about Gamescon and stuff said, but that’s what my better at blogging friends are for. Go read theirs as I have. FYI, woot RR100. Surprisingly, I am not unhappy at all. Good move.

What’s my boat on?  … mods.

I didn’t play patch night and I only finally got on last night.

So I logged on, joined a premade, and got real f’ing pissed, real f’ing quick. My Squared wasn’t working at all. RAGE!!! Bottom line: Squared is not broken. Squared Click is apparently an issue to Mythic. Disable that, your Squared will work fine. I know Mythic went after /assist in the last patch. I did not realize they went after binded ability cast. I went back through the notes just to look for it. Maybe that is what /assist meant. So Squared Click isn’t working, neither is Autodetaunt, since it’s the same idea.

I’m not going to say I am a bad healer, but I am. I really really relied on those two mods to survive and actually heal in time. I’m not sure if I can actually keep up as a quality healer in a DoK shell. I wish I could trade him in for a Zealot right now. So, Mythic if you plan to nerf the group heal and buff the melee heal, I’m all ears on the proposal for it. As a mid line healer, having targets to heal in front of me and behind me, as well as always being the center focus of attacks, I’m not sure I can have fun, playing DoK, trying to cycle my detaunts properly and on time now, while constantly circling about trying to look for my targets to heal.

I completely understand that these mods might have been OP and allow for some ninja style rezzings and heals, but, being a front line healer is hard.  I much rather have a ‘real’ healer now. So, I like to hear some more about that buff to melee heals.

Good news: Though I probably shouldn’t announce it here, because Mythic will then counter it, but fuck ’em, they don’t read this blog anyway.

Who here was worried about the quitter debuff from crashing not allowing you to Queue for SCs?

I’ll give you 1 hint: Queue for SCs through Queue Queuer. It will bypass the quiter debuff.  Horay renown and insignias again. And you don’t have to rage at the crash no more. Or rather, rage that much harder.


But I don’t leave SC anyways. Even in the rapings. I might be slow to release, but I don’t quit. So I might be giving ammo to the ass-hats. I apologize if ass-hats are reading my blog and this encourages their ass-hattery. 


9 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Post 1.3.6: MY MODS!!!

    • If you are a girl, Im in love with you. If you are a dude, I’m now gay. I <3 you and your awesome sharing of useful things to making me not be a bad healer.

      Also, added. Nice blog.

  1. Heh, I avoided this problem somewhat.

    Use the Enemy unit frames. They seem to update faster, and, as a healer, are more customizable and have better options.

    Only f’ing problem is I can’t get it to display Tzeentch’s Shielding as a separate effect… you should be able to but it doesn’t have the ability ID stored in its library for some reason…

    But I digress.

    Use Enemy unit frames for less problems! (also, the coder for that particular add-on seems to stay up to date… I got a “new” version a month ago and it’s already 2 versions out of date).

    And… you don’t want to reroll Zealot atm if you like doing any dps, unless you want to go pure dps with a tiny bit of healing. When I toggle my new “harbinger”, my intelligence goes up to a WHOPPING 582 … and my WP drops to about 500. Pre-patch, my intelligence was static at about 400 (enough to use staggers/silences), and my wp hovered around 950-1k. Now, when my Int goes down to 200 with the harbinger “off”…(no more stunning reliably) and my wp only goes up about… 100ish, to 1052. That’s some fail mechanic right there. I got gimped for a 100wp gain. Yeah…


    /shameless promotion of Enemy Unit frames.

    Keep Killing!

    • So the one mod by itself allows click and indicators without additional mods?

      Is it on Curse?

      /Its not shameless if Mr. Meh approves. It’s super effective.

      • I believe it still alows click, yes. I am NOT positive on that however, since I generally don’t use click casting. It DOES have the option though. And yes, it has many indicators that can all be customized to show whatever you want, wherever you want them (within the individual character’s box).

      • I can confirm everything except the click casting (I don’t know about that one). I just redid my UI last night after updating Enemy.

        In other news:
        I can’t seem to get Queue Queuer to work. Is there an update, or am I missing something?

  2. I figured something out after trying Click! and Ishealbot and many different unit frames. You have to leave the “none” slot blank. Use a regular click to target first then use the keybindings+mouse click to heal. It’s an extra click involved, which is annoying, but works!

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