What the Hell Happened?!?

What happened to this server (Gorfang)?

It’s only been 3 and half months since I re-rolled. I was frustrated with Badlands. It had the best populations, but the worst communities. No unity, just mass zerg running about with a couple of people who knew what they were doing. In frustration of not being able to do the updated cities the way I wanted, I flipped to destro on Gorfang. There I found friends, I found a reasonable population of players and just perfectly steady amounts of action. Levelling through the teirs were enjoyable and pronounced the perfect new player experience. Once in T4, I was amazed to see so many still playing their 80s. And though the RvR was a little zergish, I was looking for city and SCs and found exactly what I wanted.

I don’t know what, I don’t know the exact point, but things have changed drastically. The populations seem low. Scenario pops seems inconstant and low as well. And what’s worse, is it seems that the ass-hattery that I left Badlands for, has followed me here. For the past week I have been experiencing just genuine morons in almost everything I do. SCs, City, RvR, you name it, there is a population concentration of at least 30% idiotic. I’m happy with my guild’s premades, but when it’s time for city, we can take in 2 groups and still get the biggest set of idiots out there. Apparently Idiot > Awesome.

Last night, I ended up logging off in frustration after a grueling set of moronic SCs. Just time after time, we faced double premades, which is not actually uncommon on Gorfang. You are bound to hit one premade if not 2. Finding a fully PUG SC is near impossible.

I’m not quite sure what’s up with the server. These toons had recognizable names. I mean, we are a small pop server, I think we all have seen each other at some point. Every instance I run, 2 if not 3 people are solo running. Not just healers, not just Witch Elves, I mean Chosen, I mean DoKs. Classes that if nothing else, have group abilities. I’m in my 7th straight SC of just getting our asses handed to us. Not, a loss, not even just minor kills. I mean no kills, no points, no anything. But a 15 minutes spawn camp of stupidity. I went into to nerd rage:

“Tell how many more fucking renown points you get from a complete fucking loss being all by yourself like that.”

I received a great deal of wonderful suggestions:

“Then stop Queueing”

I gave one more try. The 8th SC was actually worse than ever before. I thought the instance was just boned with 4 Destro versus 12. “Well, at least this will be over shortly.” So, we pass the 13 minute mark, and we didn’t get booted. “WTF.” I go and check the grouping screen and check the solo list, no joke, 8 people were soloing. Couldn’t find them, as the majority went onto the little island in Serpent’s Passage and were just running against a cliff.

I played on my BG for bit after. Till, I got frustrated with no T3 action, nor T4 RvR action. I pondered if was possible for Gorfang to turn around. I love my new guild, but … these are the exact reasons I left and came to this server.

Not they are on a different page. It’s gotten to the point, that most of my guild is ‘experimenting’ on Order Badlands. Which I am not opposed to. I mean, I have the upper edge with having (5) 40s there (3 over RR60 and 1 over RR70). I would like to be the big dog for once.

I might start doing some character organization on Badlands tonight. I’m truly at a Meh moment again.


11 thoughts on “What the Hell Happened?!?

  1. Badlands is hard man. I play sporadically on Order but during primetime the server performance leaves quite a bit to be desired. Iron Rock (Destro) is where the party is at, imo. Or rather, that’s the other server I’m stuck on. lol

    I have to deal with guys like Gaar and Mykiel all the time instead.

  2. I have a Tier 3 Destro toon on Gorfang … admittedly I don’t play him all that often so I can’t really comment on the players.

    Silverel is correct … IR is pretty good but no matter where you go there are chumps who do the things you mention.

  3. I agree. In the last month it seems like a 100% turnover in players on gorfang. All I see are new guilds, and players I have never seen before.

    You would think after 2 years people would know how to play every sc, city siege, and etc. It is just fail, fail, fail, and the whole reason I decided to take a week or two break from the game, and play Blood Bowl until I go to PAX.

    My frustration with WAR is peaking again, and it is my sign to take a break.

      • I really need the break from the game, and patch 1.3.6 does nothing for me so until I hear some exciting stuff coming from Mythic I am taking a short break to try to recover from burnout, or extreme boredom.

  4. Sadly, that’s the way it goes when your side takes the upswing. You have a larger population backing you up now, which means a greater number of terribads (which isn’t the same as a greater proportion). I will say, that while the experience isn’t solely unique to Gorfang Destro, Gorfang Order’s not immune to this phenomenon.

    When you figure out how to not get frustrated by idiot SC mates while you run solo, let me know, because it could save me some points on my blood-pressure probably.

    • I had a better night last night. But that was because we had full premades running most the night.

      The other groups were still terrible. But 1 good group makes the difference. Win or loss, we had decent runs.

  5. It’s a golden rule in MMOs, the smallest the community, the better. The best communities so far i have encountered were in the first MMO i was playing which had a limit on active players of just… 80 and in the first Warhammer EU server i rolled, Ellyrion, which had a very small community as well – we couldn’t even fill a warband in oRvR back then.

    It’s like villages vs the big cities.

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