Warhammer Online: WP and DoK Possible Changes

I didn’ t like the last Q&A sessions. Not at all. It’s one thing to give your standard answers;

‘We are not looking into that’
‘We talked about that once, but then a bird flew by and we forgot what we talking about’

I never been a fan of the Q&A. I feel questions on the forums get better answers, due to the fact they have more time for better formulation in the response. Generally, nothing new pops out of these Q&As, and for the most part I just catch the cliff notes to read over. Sometimes I jump in vent ahead of time and listen in, while still doing my normal thing, but that’s not common.

This time though, discussion were brought up about WP and DoK groups heals. I guess the idea is getting passed around that in trying to give better healing options for these classes, they accidentally made a healing beast for group heals. They want these classes to be even more up close and personal, as they are supposed to be front line heals.

All week I have been whining. Trying to figure out what I should I do. Why keep investing in a class that’s about to get nerfed? I mean let’s face it, there is only one thing the WP and DoK can do, and that’s uber spam the group heal. Take it away, and the class is pretty useless in terms of heals or assistance in PvP. One of the biggest killers to my team, isn’t the disable or silence (I still hate the 9 second Stagger and still think that Mythic Employee should be shot in the face) but it’s actually Shattered Limbs. It puts my last used ability into a 5 second cooldown. And since I only have 1 heal ability, that pretty much the worse thing in the world right there.

So though I don’t know any details yet on Mythic’s plans, I can still sit here and freak out. I feel as though their eyes are focused on that one ability, and nerfdom is coming. This isn’t a class with a lot of variety in heals. You have a decent HoT, like all other heal classes. A Group heal, that’s everything. And a piece of shit super expensive moron use ability, that heals for a small tad of crap and HoTs for 4 seconds with more useless HPS, but don’t forget it cost 55 SE/RF though. You could cast a 1 second group heal for 1500+ on everybody instantly for 55 SE/RF, or you could singe target heal for 600+ 300 over 4 seconds. If you are casting the second one at all on your groupmates, I’m betting you wear a bib for the drool coming out the side of your face.

Now is a 1500+ 1 second group heal OP? Kind of. I do agree there. It can be spammed and no other group heal is even close to its proportion … now. It didn’t used to be that way. See, WP and DoKs used to have the only 100 foot range group heal. Hence 1 second cast, because they are upclose. Not to mention, don’t have any other heals worth using. AM/Shammies and RP/Zeals used to have 150 feet. But that was reduced oh so long ago. When they reduced it and made all equal, there became a gap in the usefulness of group heals.

So when Mythic states they want to take away from this and give more to the melee heal, I worry. That’s the best thing for dungeons, so you will really only make a PvE king, but you will eliminate us from PvP. The problem with Melee Healing in PvP, everything has a damn absorption shield. Between tanks block, pocket items, healers shield procs (moral 3s and other abilities), you just aren’t viable heals in the field. Short of finding a moron Shadow Warrior willing to let you hit him/her without using a proc shield, and then you being a wiz kid with finding the defensive target for heals, you ain’t going to heal shit. If you did have decent heals while melee healing in an SC, every one of your opposers had drool on their chin. Congratulations, you found the perfect setup against tools, keep rolling that setup and see how that works against a double premade. And it’s not like you can switch targets half way into a Rend Soul. The only way I have used melee heals in the field of PvP successfully in premade fashion, is with a guard and 2 healers behind me. Holding a guard and being the 3rd healer is exactly what everyone wants in their premade. Everyone. OMG people will be offering you blow jobs to join their group with that kind of resume.

I’m very interested in hearing proposals for this changes. You can boost the healing all you want on the melee heals, but that doesn’t mean we can use it. If the proposal is to lower group heal and boost heals on Consume Essense, then I have an awesome toon to help roll people through VL on. And that’s all he’ll be able to do.

Basically, premades and pvp groups want heals that they don’t have to take care of and that can heal now. They want their guards on bombing BW/Sorcs, Rifting Magus/Engi, Slayers/Choppas. Basically classes that can kill, but need to be in harm’s way to do so. Why would a group want a healer that has to be up there with them, if they could just get better healing from something that doesn’t need a guard and then can heal when ever they want?

Formulate all you like Mythic. In the mean time, I’m going to get ready to convert to full-out DPS and probably spend more time on my tank. Or maybe just stop playing, which in the general direction of players after a nerf.

Maybe after the changes you can offer the ability to convert your DoK/WP into another class. Like just full-out give us the same RR and switch the character to that. That might keep us playing.

That’s right, I am in full QQ mode right here. Nothing even announced yet, just comments made in a Q&A session brought this on. QQ, mudder funkers.


10 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: WP and DoK Possible Changes

  1. This is a mid-morning Monday post, why’d you put it up on a Friday? haha

    What’s your name on Gorfang? I’m thinking I might see how stable they’ve made the game before the new rig gets in.

  2. I have to correct you on one thing.. I’m pretty sure that in the beginning all group heals were 150ft..not just that of the cloth healers.

    The problem with WP/DoK playing ranged healer is that the the career-mechanic is turned off. With so much regeneration of SE/RF as it is right now you are basically turning off the mechanic and therefore those careers can heal more often than they should. You get all the benefits (survivability and fast group heal) and only have a small restriction.

    There is so much wrong with the current state of those careers that it’s not easy to bring them “down” to other healer levels without many protests. WP/DoK have to be weakened as a backline healer and must but “motivated” to get more to the frontline. By weakening I don’t mean nerfing group heal.. I think a nerf to SE/RF-regen by books/chalices and an increase in SE/RF-regen by melee hits might just be enough to make it more interesting to get a little bit closer to the frontline as a WP/DoK (I’m not saying right at the front..just a little bit closer)

    • Hmmmmmm… I remember different.

      However, it may have been 150. But WP were plagued with an issue that if a banner or a dead group member were in line of sight, it f’d up your group heal. I think that took till 1.3 to fix. That actually can be a problem still in some dungeons. I have noticed the banner can block group heals to some members.

      The said “imbalance” for these archtypes occured here:


      Patch 1.2 reduced the cast time by another 1/2 second and then increased the heal power.

      Why did they do such a thing? Because the classes are useless healers without it. Before 1.2, WB only considered AM/RP and Shammy/Zeals as healers. WP and DoKs were ignored as healers in a group. That’s why Mythic did it.

      Secondly, the SE/RF pool is 250 just like AP pools. Except SE/RF don’t benefit from any banners, special AP boost from group mates, nor can you just go buy talismans or potions to boost it. You must wear a chalice (a purple one just to get +8, AP gens way faster than that at 15 per second). Then if you actually want to keep your SE/RF up, you need to slot the Tactic that allows you a chance (I emphasize chance) to gain some more RF/SE if you get hit. What other motivation do you need to be more up close than that? It keeps me up front. Sure you can summon so SE/RF by doing a 4 second cast out of your AP, but I would like pots like the Zealots use that destroy me in HPS numbers. Destroy. If a RP/Zealot got out healed by a WP/DoK, they need some lessons. They are a way more OP heal class, and if my DOK gets nerfed, I might try it out.

      It’s true that our healing mechanics aren’t the same. As they shouldn’t be. I don’t have single target heals. I don’t use AP. I’m on a limited pool that I must do all sorts of tricks to keep up, easiest of which is being up close. You can only cast 3 group heals before you drain your SE/RF pool. Believe me, if you want to keep up a steady stream of heals, you need to be in harms way. Anyone that believes that a WP/DOK can be effective just standing all the way back, casting 3 heals, then taking 4 seconds to build SE/RF, to only be able to cast 2 more heals, is not an effective WP/DoK. If you want the steady stream of group heals, you need to be in the front (ish).

      I think the only real acceptable nerf to the group heal, is a range reduction. But then again, that’s not really a nerf. Us WP/DoKs that everyone think are OP are already in the middle of their group. You can reduce it to 60 feet, and I’ll be doing the same job that I already am.

      If they want to encourage melee heals, then they need to up the healing and do something about absorbtion shield and give some kind of ublockable rating to them. An increase to SE/RF amounts off the hits are useless. They do plenty right now, we still don’t use them.

      They lower healing amounts of the group heals, increase SE/RF cost, or lower SE/RF rates then quite frankly, I’m retiring my WPs and DoK to ToVL runs, or going full DPS. You can’t heal on melee in PvP. Atleast not against Premades.

  3. I’ve gone through rounds of nerfs on my IB and I don’t wish that on anyone. I’ve shelved the character for months at a time while I go play my other alts, often only coming back to him when those other characters get nerfed too. :o

    I hope that the DoK/WP are compensated for a downward adjustment of the group heal with other goodies, but honestly the healing thing is out of hand.

    Mythic is in a tough place. It’s easy to see that WP/DoK are the most popular classes in the game:


    A nerf to them won’t be received well.

  4. I’d also like to point out that beyond my QQing, I am actually formulating a spread out look at the abilities of each to hopefully come up with something along balancing the class to present to Mythic and hopefully salvage the class before we turned back into the pre 1.2 era.

    With enough buy in and testing on numbers, we might actually help formulate the future plans.

    But it is already 4,000 words and thats just comments on Group heals. So it will be doozy of an article.

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