Warhammer Online: Opting Out needs to Opt Out

Over a year ago, we all were begging for it. We wanted it, and it was the greatest thing ever when it finally came. But that was a different day and a different community.

Back then, I wanted to help my fellow realm. We all knew each other. The servers weren’t big. Taking a keep and being able to help the lower, was great. But now, we are large servers (in comparison to the old days) and we aren’t a tight community. I have no intentions of opting out of a keep. I want that 200 container. I’ll only opt out of city when I’m in a guild WB. In ToVL and normal PQs we simple just master loot. And I don’t think the rest of us are indifferent from my thought process.

What does the Opt Out do now? It makes RR79s rage on newer players to T4 when winning a gold bag in Stage III. It makes newer players to T4 rage at the keeps when no one opts for them. We do City enough that opting shouldn’t matter anymore. And just cause you cross the RR to wear something doesn’t mean that the gear should be handed to you. I mean, this is an MMO right? Isn’t it supposed to be a repeating process to achieve?

Basically, my belief is that the Opt Out only now causes grief, from all directions. Maybe its time for it go.


9 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Opting Out needs to Opt Out

  1. What they need are loot options just like they have for regular drops. Something you can set up before hand for your character, just like now for drops.


    T4 keep siege green in/out
    T4 keep siege blue in/out
    T4 keep siege gold in/out

    City siege stage one green in/out
    City siege stage one purple in/out

    Etc. etc.

    It could remind you to change/set them up each time you move to a new tier, or the first time you do an instance.

    It might be tricky to code, but it would make the game better for EVERYONE.

    • I’m not completely opposed to this. However, part of my point of completely removing it, was due to the fact we are not a community that gets along.

      If RR80 are raging now on newbies, I can only imagine how bad that would get when they know the newbs had options.

      I would love a more indepth outing system. If only this was Phoenix Throne and a year and half ago. I like my guilld, but I’m not opting out of gold in stage 3 for some scrubs if we don’t fill the instance.

  2. Just change all loot bags to insignias, crests, and emblems, or some kind of universal item to buy rewards. That way a RR79 will still come out to rvr to earn insignias, or crests to complete there sovereign set, or maybe make it so you can buy pocket items, or jewelry.

    • Well they are already kind of getting that in the city. But it takes significantly way more Royals to buy and item then any other type of RvR gear.

      So hence the nerd rage.

      • that seems to be what we are moving toward, however that sort of thing takes away the “lucky drop” vibe that drives people in MMOs. You never know if you are going to get the chest piece you really need, or the same shoulders THREE MORE TIMES. I’m not sure why, but some people live for that thrill. Just collecting and turning in tokens wont do it. Unless each token is equivalent to an armor/weapon drop. Then you could scale it by level and put one of each type in the bag like xyris suggested. You’d still get the gold/purple/blue/green lottery effect too.

        Either way, you need to find a way that gear drops are not a zero sum game. Otherwise the prisoners dilemma is gong to screw you every time.


        What if they made the “opt out of gold” option into two different drop lines. You would have to choose BETWEEN the gold bag anni drops and the bags with the medallions and reliquaries and stuff.

        Same could go with the city drops. You could chose to screw some highbies out of their much needed Sov gear, or you could opt out and instead be in the running for purple weapon bags that you could sue right now, or a second shot at invader, etc.

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