I can be a Troll

I had a good weekend. I spent Saturday kayaking the mighty rivers of West Virginia. Actually it was more like paddle 2 miles, find a small patch of rapids, get caught on rock, rinse repeat.

But I did take some time to hang out in T3 and level my Black Guard into to T4 on Sunday though. And while there, I just completely turned into a different person. I don’t normally chat in Realm or Region, mainly because I think of them as information, tactics and spottings. Clutter of crap tends to cause stupid issues. I might add a one liner sometimes, but for the most part, you don’t see my name in either one. But on this particular T3 expedition, I became your common troll. Call it former guild drama, call it being on my 4th glass of whiskey, call it just the real Mr. Meh coming out, whatever you like.

In the last week, I switched guilds. Not that I had a problem with my old guild, but I found myself always teaming with Opprimo Umbra (I fairly well-known guild on Gorfang). I literally was everyday in SCs with them. They were nice enough to not only bring me through ToVL, but also pass every Gold Bag to me. I was being buttered to join, and I knew it was inevitable; but as long as we were in the same alliance, I didn’t have problem staying in my 2nd home on Gorfang. I had even stolen 2 players from Order Badlands to come to this guild and start all over. So when OU had some side drama with the alliance and was asked to leave, I immediately jumped and switched my cloak with them.

I thought when I left my guild, that everything was okay. There seemed to be some leadership issues, as the current leader was away for school and there might be possibly some power struggle soon to come. As laid back as the former officers were, I could see them simply laying down and leaving. Which for the most part has held true. While in T3 I get a /tell from an old guildmate, “So WTF happened? Why would you take all those talismans?”

“Excuse me, what?”

“Yeah, they are saying you cleaned you out the vaults and then left.”

The conversation basically goes on to cover that other guildmates were leaving because the vaults were emptied of primo items. And I was the person to do it. What were these ‘primo’ items? Apparently some Invader and Warlord boots and gloves, some 20 to 22 talismans.

If I was going to steal something, it probably be Liniments, I should have made Apothecary toons, because it kills my pocketbook buying them all the time. I am a Scavenger and Salvager extraordinaire. I spend tons of crafting time trying to get the 24s and 23s. Do you know how many 22s you get trying to get 24s? So much to the point that I basically just inspect people and hand them 22s. Anyone. I just do. As I walk I shit 22 talis and 3% crits all day long. And even these people saying I took talismans, were people I handed talismans to by me.

So why on earth would I steal some 22 WS talismans, when I could make 10 of them by coughing?

The situation put me in a bad mood. And that may have seeped out into T3 chat. Order for the first time it seems in ages was active in T3 and rolling through keeps. I had logged on, found my guildy and found a WB of Destro settling on taking BOs, scared to meet the order zerg.

So once the second to last Keep was under attack in Avelorn I broke off with my guildy, while in the desolate WB and went to defend. Surely, a 29 BG and a 30 Shamman could easily cause a problem. And we so did. Slow kill by slow kill, we kept the rams down and the Order advance frustrated. Eventually the Destro WB arrived and helped make the final sweep over the frustrated 30 minute siege. While waiting for the defense tick, Order foolishly went after the other Keep, which so happened to be a claimed rank 4 in T3. If you couldn’t take a non-claimed keep, really, what are your chances of taking that one?

So as we wait, the WB leader says, “let’s take Wells.” I advised, and nicely too, “we really shouldn’t pass up a sweet and easy defense.”

“STFU, do what the WB leader says.”
“Don’t like it leave.”

Those are all things I agree with, not quite in that tone, but I agree. You don’t like it leave. I spoke my peace one last time and left, bringing the 3rd of 3 healers in the WB with me. In /region I put,

“I’m going to wipe Order in Badlands. You can come with and have some fun, or you can go try to take Wells, only to get wiped by the Order that we will wipe. Join on me if you so please.”

Only 3 did. I had a makeshift group. We went to Badlands, just in time for the inner to drop. Came up behind and wiped almost everything. Order came back around, and I basically solo tank walled with 3 healers behind me and one on oil for good 10 minutes. I did not plan for Order to do that, so the Destro zerg was able to take Wells. And subsequently, come take up my groups’ Dtick.

I used the War Report and scrolled to the WC to pick up wood really fast. I don’t know why, but I flamed all in /region. “Sorry guys, I really thought that Order would rage and take it out on the retards on Wells. My apologies for you missing that keep take, but our effort saved another keep. I’m sorry more, that you now have to share your Dtick with those idiots, about to come here.”

Well, those asshats coming for free renown, happened to start landing. Many were not pleased with being called retards. Which was a bad choice of words and I apologized, as rightfully so I should. One very upset player, who most likely was an idiot, pointed out that they just followed WB leaders as they should.

I pointed out, that “you should follow orders, but you shouldn’t be a brainless tard either. If one thing makes sense, then you should go with it. I laid out the logic in a nice way and offered for you to come help. Instead, you luckily get a keep and a dtick at the expense of 1 groups sacrifice. If we had not come, Order would have taken your only claimed keep, then come wiped you and you all would have rage logged. And you know it. Instead, you get the benefit of a keep take and now a giant portion of our Dtick. How fair is that to us, that went to meet them head on, while you RvDoor?”

That ended, with my guildmate going “troll lol.”

Then the WB called for us to work together and take Passwatch.

“I’m not going to Passwatch yet, I’m going to Avelorn, then I’m going to BFP.”

“We took everything in Elf, there is no point.”
“Who cares what he does, he’s a troll.”
“Whatever, ignore.”

“Wow, okay, for those that didn’t ignore me, I really really really advise you go to Averlorn, right now. It’s my gift to you for trusting the troll.”

Believe it or not, my WB left me to join them. I had my guildmate, who was laughing so hard calling me a troll in vent it wasn’t funny. They formed 2 WBs to take on Passwatch and gloated on in it /t3.

I sat in Avelorn patiently on a WoodChopps’s BO with a banner and my one friend.


/t3 ” :D ”

This is all kind of basic crap. And it scares me that there is another 2 WBs of tards to join the idiocy of T4 in a week or so. But it occurs to me that my tactics were correct, I just expressed them in a stupid way, as I had no followers. I had my troll stuck up moment. Atleast it was in /t3. Those tards are going to rage log forever anyways once they realize that you can’t be an idiot in SCs and the City. So atleast I can take comfort that I didn’t piss off anyone that mattered.


2 thoughts on “I can be a Troll

  1. I wonder what the best class is to troll with?

    I’m thinking a squigherder set up to only fight inside of the giant squig. Maybe that’s a better choice for me than DoK?

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