Warhammer Online: I will become what I hate

While reading of Carrie’s monthly letter, I realized I missed the test server night and the Q&A. I was too busy getting massively blitzed in Chicago. As well, Hunter’s Vale coming back as a LE. And of course 1.3.6 is just around the corner from being implemented. I was really hoping to see some winks at ideas in 1.3.7 and possible future endeavours. Many of her letters in the past have really displayed some distant plans, so I was hoping for a bit more out of this letter. I mean, we were talking about 1.3.6 in February. And especially seeing that she did a tell all interview in German that in every google translation out there was that we are seeing an Expansion, I was really expecting a giant letter of awesomeness to just blow the lid off.


Maybe soon? Who knows? I’m not going to go back into another rant about how stupid it would be to keep an expansion a secret. So I’ll still stick with the idea that it is not simply happening. However, there was one point in the letter I missed in the patch notes:

As we’ve been examining the ORVR experience, as well as our other plans for the future of WAR, we wanted to incentivize ORVR in Tiers 2 and 3. In order to do this, we’ve taken a page from the DAoC playbook and have added high experience value NPCs to the RVR lakes in Tiers 2 and 3. While we expect players to gravitate to these camps because of the xp,the ultimate goal is to drive the lower Tier populations back into the RVR Lakes. This change goes hand in hand with the deliberate decision to restrict access to Land of the Dead for all players below Rank 32.  More players in the RvR Lakes means more fun for lower Tier characters and, of course, more killing in the face.

I was greatly enthused to read in 1.3.6’s notes that LOTD was finally being turned into what it should have been the whole time, and that would bring back one of my favorite tiers, T3. But on top of that, Carrie’s letter gives even more excitement to that idea. I am really happy to hear that there is still a way for toons to grind. And even more so, another way for me to have fun ruining that for them. In my excitement of reading that in the airport lobby last night, I promptly booted the computer on my arrival home.

I then created a smexy new Witch Elf. I had become what I had hated most. By level 8, I had reverted from Whiskey to Wine. And had the urge to eat fruit and yogurt.

I’m worried that by rank 20 my penis might fall off.


12 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: I will become what I hate

  1. Gamescon is in ~16 days, which is why I don’t think the letter said much new.

    During the PTS event Q&A, someone asked if we will see a 1.3.7 before 1.4… Carrie said they had no current plans for a 1.3.7 :)

  2. They should add a “ball” to pick up in the lakes that increases exp gains by your realm in the lakes. If you leave the lake, you drop the ball.

    Granted I don’t know how to swing that into lore terms but, surely that would ‘bring all the boys to the yard.’

  3. An ancient battle standard of untold-yet-toldtoyouinthetooltip-power!

    But I have no idea.

    It sounds like they really think they will blow our brains out to the backs of our thrones with their coming announcements so it’s anybody’s guess what craziness they gon’ drop.

    • CTF, CTF, CTF! Get a flag, carry it from one end of the RvR lake to the other then plant it and guard it for 5 min. You’re rewarded with an xp/renown buff for the whole zone for 1h, repeatable each hour. How cool is that?

      • Sounds boring.

        Do you remember the murder ball LE they did last year?

        Maybe everyone’s experience was different. But from what I remember, it was Epic Fail. I’m glad we never saw it again.

  4. My account was inactive back then, so I haven’t experienced it. Honestly though, CTF is always fun. It’s the players that ruin it with doing everything else BUT having fun. I blame you. :(

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