Warhammer Online: Welcome back to the Warhammer Alliance Forums

Welcome to the BioWare Social Network!

15 frustrating minutes later …

Welcome Back to the Warhammer Alliance Curse Network.

Oh, how I have missed you. How we ever just up and left you to go play around on the Warhammer Online Forums in the first place is beyond me.



8 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Welcome back to the Warhammer Alliance Forums

  1. Most of Euro have never really left WHA, as the GOA forums were worse than the Mythic ones, even if only for the lack of Dev action, so not a big deal for us. Welcome back though I guess :D

  2. My only concern that no one else is thinking of…Games Workshop suing WHA and Curse, and what that could entail for the future of that forum.
    Imagine spending time really getting a good amount of discussions going, then one day…poof.

    I personally worked around the forum concerns by using Ayleens plugin for Chrome and the new theme (ok…background)…and it feels and works great.

    Check it.


    • Interesting.

      Also keep in mind GWs lawsuit is because curse.com simply did not answer them. GW worry is the use of trademarks. To which curse has signed no agreements for use. Mythic does not have the authority to grant a profit making company rights to something they don’t own. I have to side with GW on this one.

      I doubt the forums are in trouble though. But I will check that out, I don’t like Chrome, but if it can make me like the forums. I’m in.

      • I’m with you on this. GW is protecting their IP. The agreement that GW had with Garthilk does not transfer along with ownership. Any new owner needs to come to an agreement on their own. Curse dropped the ball by not immediately seeking out to get one.

        But yeah, I’m curious what state this law-suit is in myself right now as well.

      • I would think that both Curse.com and GW would keep it quiet.

        GW doesn’t want bad publicity for picking on a smaller company, as they instantly took when the filing of documents took place. I’m sure there were facepalms at Glen Burnie as soon as the article hit every Gaming Site out there.

        I imagine it was to get Curse’s attention, and hopefully they have responded.

        What’s sad is if Curse just simply made a new company or organization to form the Warhammer Alliance Site, so that it was in no way connected to the Curse network, then this wouldn’t even be a problem.

        I doubt Curse.com is making money off the GW trademarks. The forums are no different then any other fan site. It’s really all quite silly.

        Maybe one of our friendly Curse Bloggers would like to comment? Saying the lawyer said you could of course.

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