Warhammer Online: Mailbox Guards and 1.3.6

There seems to be a great deal of people all for the upcoming changes that are hitting in 1.3.6. I am greatly excited about it as well, but I have 2 major concerns that don’t seem to be shared. They both are around centered about what is considered being counted in the RvR Lake.

1) The War Against Mailbox Camping
2) The War Against Mindless Zerging 

We want to stop both. The two actions that are proposed to be taken in 1.3.6, I don’t think will help.

Currently, to receive zone lock rewards you need to be in the zone for the lock. If not granting massive rewards for helping in the capture of objectives wasn’t enough, Mythic is going to be changing the zone lock requirement to only be granted to those within the Lake or for those that recently died within 5 minutes of being in the Lake as long as you are in the right pairing or associated pairing’s SC at the time of the flip.

So … where does the Lake start? Oh yeah, right when you start counting down to be flagged for RvR.
Where’s that? Oh right, that’s right in the protection of camp guards.

So are you going to stop free renowners? Nope. You are simply moving the mailbox campers 25 feet.

“How’s the mailbox guys?”
“I don’t know, but the guards are safe.”

And then, even if you then extend the Lake zone to not start until way past the camp; any lazy renown whore is just going to go run PVE to a safe area in the RvR lake. As long as you give Renown for a zone lock, whores will be there. The hope is that you can turn an idiot into tactical machine. It’s not going to happen. You aren’t going to force mailbox campers to suddenly go, “I think I’ll go to a BO and intelligently stand guard at attention for 30 minutes and play like a pro.”

To think everyone at a BO is paying attention is also a fallacy. They just are another step above mailbox campers, only because they just know there is a defense tick at zone lock if you are on a BO when it flips. Why anyone even sits at the mailbox is mind-boggling to me. You almost want to tell them how newbish they are being about the newbish renown gaining. Most BO campers are AFK as well as their lesser mailbox camper cousins. You can’t force a drooling idiot to play better. Just because they aren’t standing in front of the mailbox, doesn’t mean they aren’t a useless waste of space somewhere else. Only now, they’ll just be more renown for your enemy, when they come rolling into your BO with a melee/bomb train for that upcoming AAO feature.

After Posting Edit:

I realized that I didn’t really conclude my point after reading some comments.

Basically, my point is, that trying to stop someone from mooching off such a small thing is basically pointless in itself. Not only is the idea to think that mailbox campers aren’t just going to come up with another convienent way to get a free 4K in renown pointless, but the fact that it bothers anyone is rather pointless as well. It’s not a pool of renown, they aren’t stealing anything from you. If you think that they’ll come out to the lake and help after this patch, then you are wrong. These people are either eating, taking a massive shit, taking a break while afk, or simply standing there while in and out of SCs. If you deny them any reward for standing there, they just won’t be in the zone. They aren’t now going to come to help you in the lake, they are taking a shit. You didn’t lose the flip because 20 people were standing by the mailbox. You lost the flip to being outnumbered, outgunned, outcoordinated, outattentioned, or outorganized. No matter the incentive, the disincentive or pentalty, those mailbox campers can’t be forced to help you flip.

Making it so that they have to come a couple feet into the lake to get the tick really solves nothing. If anything it hurts you, because it gives more renown to possible AAO attacks. That’s my point, that one: it solves nothing, two: it shouldn’t bother you. 4K for standing still for an hour is basically a toss in the bucket. If 4K in an hour is considered a big renown intake rate to you, then I suggest finding a good mentor, you are doing it wrong.


13 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Mailbox Guards and 1.3.6

  1. I fully support more drooling idiots AFK at BO’s for groups to roll over and collect easy renown. Hell, if I can gank a couple with my Witch Elf before the blighters start moving, even better. They just don’t serve that kind of function when mailbox or guard humping.

    • To me its hard for Realm Leaders to organize then.

      “Oh there are already 2 WB on Fireguard”

      “Okay, then, need 3 groups at Mourne and a WB on Memory”

      What’s not expressed is out of the 2 WBs on Fire, only 8 are paying attention.

      So then the question becomes, “Okay, how many do we have at the closest BO to our WC, paying attention?”

  2. If someone has to stand away from the camp, then it allows them to be killed, because they were AFK. If they are AFK then they go into respawn counter mode.

    Now, while they are in Respawn count down mode, does this count as being active in RvR.

    So if they are killed in ORvR (by a stealther), they may well get the Zone flip by default? They may just have been camp bait, that’s all.

    • 1) Yes, I would say respawn counter does count you as where you are, dead or alive. Like being dead in a keep, you still get credit when it’s taken.

      2) If you are only a little bit away from the camp, then you are in the area of guards, you aren’t really able to be killed. That’s kind of my point.

  3. I am a mailbox camper. Orvr is boring, and the extra bonus renown from taking bo’s, and keeps once the flip happens isn’t worth it in my book.

    Lets take for example the renown a mailbox camper gets in a 2.5 to 3 hour ordeal to flip the zone.

    I can still earn vanilla renown for standing in the warcamp currently while earning 5x more renown doing scenarios while waiting for the flip. Look at all the insignias, and emblems I am earning.

    Even if you stand at every bo, and keep, and get the zone flip I earned more rewards standing in the warcamp, and doing scenarios.

    I didn’t have to stand at bo’s waiting for ticks, or earning 1 renown for every kill because 3 warbands helped kill every player.

    If they want me out in the Orvr lakes lots of changes will need to happen.

    remove diminishing returns

    make anyone that contributes to a death get full renown
    make crests more like insignias so after the millionth keep take I am earning sovereign insignias, and the fresh 40 is earning his anni, or conq crests.

    The lakes need to offer progression no matter what renown rank, and gear you have. Changing the rewards to an isignia/emblem like system will keep all players in the lakes.

    Get rid of timers. Just make it that you have to own a majority in each pairing to get to the city.

    Well that is just a few ideas. As it is right now a keep take offers me nothing, and I could earn the same renown in a scenario in a few minutes.

    • Im personally looking for my tactical Objectives. I don’t like the idea of holding 6 objectives at once.

      Why do I care about an old Dwarf cavern, when I have a Castle 50 feet from it?

      I like how you need to go from this zone to this zone to get to this zone. The same should be in the micro. You need this Objective to get to this objective. Give the realm a center focus, for mass battles, not this hold the flag yawn stuff.

  4. A few notes and my personal views on the matter:

    1) If you’re RVEing, and you’re NOT q’ing, you’re doing it wrong. Agreed, an undefended zone lock is worth less than a few scenarios in the same amount of time.

    2)If “real” ORVR is “boring” to you, well, this may be the wrong game.

    3) Fighting the opposite faction in a lake is worth more renown (and, personally, more fun, but your tastes may vary), than most scenarios.

    To me, ORVR is the best this game has to offer- when both factions come out. It is more fun, more renown, and is all around better than any other aspect of the game.
    For instance, if my guild rolls out in 2grps to wb+, and we find order in the same (usually larger) numbers, we can have a blast facing off all night, getting massive renown and just generally enjoying it. Even if we’re up against up to double our numbers, we can still have fun. After that, it gets ridiculous, and if order doesn’t show, it gets boring.

    To say that Mythic needs to incentivize that over other aspects though, seems silly. If ORVR isn’t your thing, perhaps WoW is a better game for you, since their PVE is more groomed and their SCs are a little more controlled.

    As someone else said, in a PVP game, YOU ARE CONTENT (maybe it was Skuzbat?). If that’s not your style, do you really want to be part of it?

    • I’m assuming most of your reply is actually to the poster above you, not so much my article.

      1) I’m going to argue somewhat agaist part of your point. Some of us are not on a greatly populated server. So in some cases, some players, especially very early into T4, only know ORvR, whether its RvR or RvE. That’s the game for them. And I’m almost thinking, that its a vast majority.

      Gorfang for instance on both sides, puts up very regular premades at almost all times. Some players at RR80 (we have lots) don’t really do anything but SCs. Many players are morally discouraged from SCs, because have never seen a win. I honestly can’t stand Solo Q’ing on this server. It’s premade or nothing. To actually find a SC without any premades is about as rare as Mythic banning a hacker.

      2) Again, some servers haven’t really experienced the real potential of ORvR. Coming from over populated Badlands to small pop, high RR Gorfang, you can’t even describe to these players what 300 vs 300 feels like. They can’t even imagine. They think a good ORvR throw down is a WB vs. WB. They like their small skirmish, and don’t really know beyond that fact.

      3) Agreed, if you are getting 1 RP per kill in ORvR something is definitely wrong. I would imagine that you are camping the WC, and everything being killed is on his 15th death in the past 10 minutes.

      Otherwise, my best renown gain is as follows:

      1- Good skrimish on the Lakes
      2- Solo kills on the Lakes
      3- City
      4- SCs
      5- Zone Locks (Short of it being a Lock that had prior zones and OBs in it, but those take lots of time an non-Queueing)

      • You’re right, it was a post towards WASD, not the post in general, my apologies. It didn’t really have a place here, I was simply frustrated and didn’t think.

        That said, you also have a good point as far as population goes. My server is by no means overpopulated, but we can fairly regularly fight with ~3 WB on either side. However, if one side is always squashed, I can see how that would be frustrating and boring. Order on my server can field close to 10 wbs on a high-pop night… I think I’ve seen Destro field 6 wbs once… ever.

        So overall, good point, perhaps server population adjustment is partially the answer too?

  5. Good Sir Mr. Meh,

    When I return to the states I should very much like to become your DoK mentee.

    Other than being your faithful sidekick and minion and stealing all your knowledge, I have nothing to offer.

    Let me know in a reply to this post if the arrangement is amenable to you.

    hahaha totally serious, brah. Huge fan of your blog, writing, and playstyle. I will be spamming you tells when i grab a new comp and resub.

    • Nice. Always willing.

      I went and brought some of my old guildies from badlands. They are completely rerolling.

      I actually get most of my mentoring from RR80 DoKs in my alliance. That’s how I came up with this post.

  6. Sweet. Dopealicious.

    Any good online DElf resources where I can get an idea for names/history?

    Because I’m not a nerd.

    • Short of the Army Book from GW, I’m not sure if there are any decent online resources.

      Generally Dark Elves don’t have too much variance in first names from high Elves. The generally have the same endings like any other type of Elf.


      It seems the many like to use latin to come up with a beginning part of the name and then add an elfish ending.

      Mal- being the most over used.

      For the most part Dark Elves will have similar first names. As most are old enough to have been a high elf at one time. Remember that DElfs worship Khaine, which grant them longer lives and younger appearances for someones elses soul sacrifice.

      So they generally just have different last names, that are slightly altered from their former ones.

      Agonelas Brightblade -> Agonelas Dreadblade

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