Warhammer Online: Trolls Receive a New Home

In EA attempts to cut spending to make more money, EA BioWare Mythic will be merging the Warhammer Online Forum Community to the BioWare Social Network. News article here.

I’m not quite sure how that’s integration. When they archive the forums and tell you to go setup a new account else where, that’s not really integration as much as it is, ‘get the fuck out.’ If I kick you out of your house and tell you “don’t worry, the furniture stays here,” that’s not really integration. That’s more like … relocating.  I would just like to point out the poor choice of words. But I guess we are trying to avoid saying the word, closing. Otherwise, I think the announcement should say the following:

Dear trolls,
We fail to see a reason to keep paying for a server and moderators to keep up a playground for morons to use “@” post every other second. To save money, you will have to flaunt your e-peen over at BioWare. Who most likely still have the developement overheads and possess the real moderation required to ban your fucking ridiculousness, and possibly have a chance at creating a community of players and not a $4,000 a month expense for 12 retards to stroke their electronic penises. Which are probably still as equally small and short despite the fact that they are imaginary.
Thanks for fishes,

I’m joking to a degree. I think the forums are hilarious. But that doesn’t negate the fact that they aren’t really a community, rather than a collection of useless E-peen strokings. Let’s see how BioWare handles the Screamers.


I saw your latest video trailer. Cool story bro.
We all know you are a bunch of cheaters. There is no way you could put together a cinematic trailer like that on your own. We all know you use AutoCinematicBot Macro.

How about you come 1 on 1 in the playground later? I’ll show you whats up.

<Insert random link to a youtube of some fat chick raging>
That’s you, FYI.

I’m almost looking foward to being apart of a forum that might be worth wild again. We will see though, don’t let me down BioWare,


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