Warhammer Online: 1.3.6 Pre-Review

I’m not even going to try to hold back my excitement for 1.3.6. I finally am excited for a patch. I don’t how long you have been reading my blog, but in the past I have been more than … obnoxious in my enthusiasm for patches. Quite often I think in the past, many solutions were hair brained schemes that overlooked a larger symptom of issues and were only inset to appease the high RR in the game. I mean when you eliminate the forts to have constant city sieges and then later basically are just handing sovereign gear to any idiot that could walk to the gates, I’m not sure you really intended anything else. But that’s for past reading to hear my rants about the general fact that the developers are paying too much attention to those that only make up 1% of the population. My concern has always been, you are appeasing a select few, by handing  them gear and goodies in hopes they stay subbed. The problem is, those people are only going to unsub a month later. You are neglecting the newer players. And for that, I love 1.3.6 so far.

Here’s the rough notes. The server should be up so you can go play with it.

Quick synopsis includes:

Against All Odds
Renown gaining bonus for objective captures and player kills up to 400% depending on how outnumbered you are.

I’m for and against this. I like that there is a reward for going against the numbers, but I disagreed that this was checked by realm population. Here’s the scenario, you are trying to Dominate Lock Thunder Mountain. You have 4 WBs, one on each BO. An oppossing Bomb WB suicides to the lava and ports to the Order PvE camp, goes to the East BO and wipes it. They get 400% renown for the kills and the BO capture because, by realm count, they were outnumbered 4X over. So, which ones worth more? Wasting time trying to frustratingly dom lock a zone for over a half hour and more, or simply pull together some buddies and ruin the other realm’s dom lock? The answer is, the second. As long as the AAO is checked against realm population and not immediate area (collision) detection, I’m Against the Against All Odds. If this is implemented, you can say goodbye dom lock. Mythic just tossed a giant bone to the experience high RR guilds and are begging for the newer players just reaching T4 to rage log.

Collision, not Realm, Mythic!

PVE is no longer in the Victory Point Meter

Quit messing with Quiter!
“Players with the “Quitter!” debuff will no longer suffer a penalty to Experience and Renown. Players with the “Quitter!” debuff will now be unable to queue for a Scenario until it has faded.”

I hope you plan on fixing the issue where you get the quiter debuff when the client crashes to desktop. Because my premade might have a problem waiting 15 minutes because of your client!

Remove this. This is stupid Mythic, and I hope as soon as I said premade you realized why. I’m willing to take the no Experience or Renown penalty, because I at least won’t hold up my group.

City Needs some Quick Love (Not in notes, I just was expecting it to be)
There is definite problems with Stage II that I thought from the forums was blatantly obvious. The Lords keep getting stuck. On invasion of Atldorf, if Order wins the first stage and holds the center, then the Destro Lord Chosen will bug out in the center and never move. (After Post Edit: This is in the notes as a fix, not sure if I just missed it)

In Stage II of IC, I’ve seen it for both Order and Destro, your own Lords can collide and bug out and not move. (This isn’t though)

Please fix it.

Hello T3
No more going to LOTD before 32. Hello T3, it’s nice to see you again.

Less Gold Spam?
You can no longer mail things without attachments. Woot, free crap presents with my gold spam, 1 bronze will be my guess.

The customization is finally coming. We can now make our favorite stats look like something we want.

I wonder what happened to the new art though. Many classes were go to get art updates to belts, gloves and chest pieces in many areas that currently exist.

Not that many classes were getting that much new art in your orginal proposal last year, but the DOK is a perfect example of one that really needed some variety. Please tell me you are putting this art somewhere for us to go get it?

I mean being able to change the armor style is nice and all, but take a look at the DOK in Sentinel to Invader. What are you expecting me to change my armor to?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the ability to change my look. But you right now you have an Icecream Shop with 2 flavors. Don’t tell me I can have whatever I like when the ice cream bin behind you with the Mint Chocolate Chip, Black Cherry and Cookie Dough that is not for sale. The option to either have Vanilla or Chocolate on my cone does not mean you have choices.

Gimme that art. We wants it. Some people in the developement department did some fine work. Let it be seen.

One Last Big One

Bye bye Autofocus. You should have never existed in the first place. Why Mythic would allow /assist in the first place is amazing. They thought /stick was easy mode and had no place here, yet /assist existed? Never made sense. But it is finally rectified. Finally.

Now …. NerfedButtons? 1.5.2 or 1.7.3? :D

Edit (24 August 2010): On the note of the additional art, it came out in a the blogger interviews on Gamesday that the 2009 suggested armor sets did not actually contain any new art what so ever. What look like totally brand new peices exist somewhere in the game, or existed at one point.

Working on an article to try and find them.


15 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: 1.3.6 Pre-Review

  1. Anything that encourages small group play in the lakes, I’m all for. Dom lock is frustrating as hell, and if I, as a team, can stop the enemy from doing it because we used strategic guerilla tactics, that’s a good thing. It will be particularly good in disperssing the zerg.

    Currently, as you’ve seen, when the zergs rolling, it goes together. Stragglers can be picked off, but there is little that can be done to stop the zerg from doing what it does. This type of change will FORCE players into being more concious about all targets and objectives by knowing that more people are going to be gunning to take the out-of-the way places now as well.

    /agree on the quitter debuff though. I hates it.

    • I agree with you there. My point was that I think it should be more on your collision outnumbering, not the pairing’s RvR population. Do the poeple in the WC, count?

      Also, I don’t think you can FORCE an idiot to be more strategic. We shall see. It’s not like you can really test it until its implimented.

  2. Looking forward to this patch. If I’m not mistaken, I do believe the new artwork for all careers will be included. That was the point, to give us the option of the new art or to stand pat with what it currently looks like. That was the big stink in that some players liked the current artwork and didn’t want to change.

    What we weren’t shown was if Warlord was being updated. For me, the BW Warlord set is disappointing as the helm and chest look like the Sentinel, and the shoulders looked like Dark Promise.

    I’m thinking I will poke on over to the PTS and play around with the new armor appearance thingie.

    • I read that for zone lock contribution to combat mailbox camping too. However that doesn’t negate that fact that they can simply just slightly move into the RvR lake, while still under the protection of the Guards as well as be an useless added number to the realm’s population. I would consider those people still in the WC, whether or not they are near a Mailbox or just simply 40 feet from it.

  3. I am fairly confident in saying that the changes are not on the PTS, I didn’t see them in action anyway.

  4. Aye was saying the same thing when the new Quitter debuff was first announced with the Producer’s Letter. It’s a disaster waiting to happen :-)

  5. You’re wrong in saying that I can’t blame the mailbox afkers for losing a zone. I can. If they aren’t going to play they shouldn’t be online and give people trying to lock/prevent a lock the false impression that we have enough manpower to do it. But you are right, just because they want the lock doesn’t mean they’ll help locking. I’ll still rage cause they should, the lazy bastards. :>

    However, you are right when you say that the changes won’t fix mailbox guarding.

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