Ahem … ((Sexy Voice)) … Happy Birthday Mister … Meh

It’s already been a mudda f’ing year y’all.  Today, my blog gets to celebrate a whole year blogging. I love reading all my old articles. Makes you see how you have grown, it also shows you what you forget. This comes at perfect timing too. Last night I kept receiving tells,

Gratz Dude.”
“Congrats Man”

“I want to have internet sex with your face” (There is a lot more girls playing on Gorfang, FYI)
“Way to go”

Well, after about 15 congrats in /alliance and 50 other /tells, I was asked to come to IC. I was brought to the south wear the merchants are, and I was /emote pointed to something really special.

I don’t know if I ever made it to getting that much renown on Nicholaes, so as far as I know, this is a first. There was no emote in the library I could do that would express how decent I felt. To be a newb to the server and gain enough renown to have a statue is a great honor. There are lots of other big personalities on this server, I would never have imagined I could beat out the top 10 renown gainers.

It was a great gift to see just the night before my blogs anniversary.

So how unsuccessful is this blog? Very, here are some blog stats:

Total views: 9,375

Busiest day: 195 — Friday, May 28, 2010

Views today: 64

Posts: 103

Comments: 270

My top 5 posts:

Title Views  
Home page 3,449
Warhammer Online: PinkforTink 277
Warhammer Online: Hackers and Cheaters 255
Warhammer Online: The Warrior Priest 253
Imaginary Warhammer Online: Fairy Land o 233
Warhammer Online Suggestions: Act 2: Arm 198  

And my Top Five Referrers:

Referrer Views
bootaesbloodyblog.blogspot.com/ 490
weritsblog.com/ 192
wargorfang.blogspot.com/ 120
iheartgorfang.blogspot.com/ 114
oneshard.blogspot.com/ 102

High five guys. Thanks for the support. You are a very influential man, Bootae.

Surprisingly to me, the 3 I would have guessed would be my top referrers, were not even in the top 10. But to me, they were some of my first commenters and linkers that helped me get more readers and definitely entertained me in the blogosphere we have here in WAR. Here is a big shout out to Andrew of ShadowWar and of course Gaarawarr.

My top 5 search engine incoming tags:

Search Views
mr meh 612
epic fail 412
pinkfortink 240
mr. meh 210
warrior priest end game guide  124

I do not at all enjoy that Epic Fail is my 2nd highest incoming search term. I do however enjoy reading some of the ones that actually had multiple searches for these tags, and somehow got my blog. Here are some that made me giggle:

Search Views
santa fail 46
ridiculous shit 27
would you like a side of epic with that  12
mr meh rezzed me through a keep door 7

I would like to see these number quadruple in the next year. Not ‘Epic Fail’ though. ‘Ridiculous Shit,’ yes; ‘Epic Fail,’ no. Thanks again to all m readers and commenters,


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