There is No Casual

I guess my definitions on Casual and Extreme are a bit different then most others perceive. I assumed I was Casual. My definition of Casual was, you play quite often, but if there is a cookout with beer on a Saturday, bump your instance run, I might see boobies instead. Boobies! But the point is, is for the last 6 years of my MMOing, I’ve always thought I was casual and advertised as which. I apparently am greatly mistaken about what I am.

When I came to Gorfang and trounced about in T2 and T3 for a while. Playing on both my DoK and BG at the same time. I made the realization that jumping into a decent guild right away, only being able to boast the fact that I had a 70+ WP on Badlands wasn’t going to help find a great home. So I joined a noob guild that had a seemingly active leader and officer base. I would hope that in that time, that I could scope out guilds and make my way into one, once I achieved a decent rank and gear. Or better yet, the noob guild could find a good home into an alliance and open up better opportunities for me and everyone.

As I gained ranks with my DoK, I would constantly come help guildies. I was happy to rank them up in LoTD, just as long as the scavenge was mine. I would give them talismans and help them out with advice in return.  As time went on, fewer and fewer officers would log on and then eventually I was the oldest member on with about a dozen super newbs at any one time. And then became the focal point from the lower echelon to cling to. So when I was recruited by another guild and I subsequently left abruptly, I received a giant load of tells. Many of them set me as a friend and still try to get me to help them. It’s amazing that even after almost a month, not one of them has a 40. Not one has found a new guild, despite the guild leader still hasn’t logged on. I would have hoped that one out of the dozen would have broken the mold and been worthy to introduce to a higher quality of play.

One of the more clingy members messages me quite a bit. He was a nice guy, just overwelmly incompotent, or very good at using people. In one case he had me come power level him in LOTD, only to find that he was in a group with a level 20. As we were leveling, I found out that the level 20 was paying 5 gold per level to him. I didn’t blow my lid. Even though I should have for assisting a Chinese PLer. No wonder the guy never chatted. The fucker didn’t even give me a cut. In the past couple of weeks as I routinely check Realm War to examine their progression, I noticed that his level is basically going no where. But he still messages me consistently. How does one play for 20 hours a week but gain no rank?

Yesterday was the ending of such messages. He messaged me while I was in the middle of Scenarios. He wanted something to do. Doing a quick /who I saw that he was still 36 for some reason and in that dead guild, I told him to get to levelling, “you can’t do squat till your 40.” So he wanted me to help to do so.

“Sorry man, I’m in a decent premade.”

“Well, is there room?”

“Ah no, we are full. Sorry :(“

“You want to help me when you are done?”

“Not today, I have a BB run after this.”

“Can I come?”

“You got to be 40 and have your Lesser Wards dude, that’s why I’m telling you to get on it, so you can do this stuff :D”

“Whatever. You’re an Elitist.”

I about lost it. As I’m sure any of you reading this, are losing it, even though this didn’t happen to you.

“Fuck you
The fact that I like to do group things and schedule them ahead so that I am not bored is what keeps me happy in this game, and just a normal player.
It’s not Elitism, it’s just being apart of an MMO.”

I would have assumed after such a rant I would have received an apology. Instead …

“No, it’s exactly being elitist.
You run in closed WBs
and have better everything than us
and then don’t help us.
This game is full of it.
You guys just want us to die to lock zones while you gain all the wealth.
That’s why you are so far ahead.”

“I have no idea how to explain to you how stupid that is. I’ve given you all the advice I can.
All I can tell you is, find another guild. One that is large with a high RR base and an alliance
And get to 40”

“Well, can I join your guild?”

“Honestly, I’m not confident in you enough to recommend that. There is a lot of trust in this guild and a lot of large ranks.
You haven’t moved but 1 rank in almost 3 weeks. You haven’t proven you’re value add.
You want my recommendation to this guild and alliance, I want your commitment to your toon and game. Be in full Conqueror in 2 weeks. Then message me.

“See, you are an elitist.”

“So be it, dude. I’ve helped you all I can.
I have no time to help those that won’t even help themselves.”

“You only proved my point. You want me to leave this guild, but won’t offer me an invite. That’s bullshit.

(And then a lot of blah blah blah for like 10 lines)”

“I take it all back
I will put you on ignore.”

I earned the title “The Snob”, apparently he was my 10th, maybe I am an Elistist. Got something out of that 15 minute waste of time.

If that wasn’t enough, last night the realm of Destro got a giant gimme. Basically, we locked down Reikland and all went to Eataine. Through the recommendation of a guildie, I joined on a WB with an alliance I’m not fond of. Their a little too into themselves without the results. And such again proved it to me. Complete lack of coordination ended up leaving only a group of us on the center BO. Well, what are the chances a bomb group doesn’t come wipe this? Actually what we the chances that a triple bomb group would show up?

They did. And all of the realm left their BOs to come die one by one to them. Frustrated I left, as most other destro did too. The realm was lost, and the overwelming reality of Against All Odds was showing. Those 3 groups of Order would have been getting 4X the renown for that, as 4 Destro WBs were in the Lakes. So I left and tried to start our BB run early.

While trying to form that, Eataine’s VPs started climbing through the roof. And even better setup. We might not be able to hold 4 BOs for 30 minutes, but we sure as shit can rollover each BO together. City here we come. Unfortunately, while we taking the 2nd BO, order took another. Meaning, there was going to be a slight wait for that BO to open, with a needed defense at the first BO we took. Try to get the zerg off the first BO tick of the last BO to capture. Just try it.

Worse off, it allowed for massive chat to occur. There were a famous 3 in /t4 ranting about actions in Eataine. Now, I’m a big fan of /t4. Announcing need for help in a realm, broadcasting the next big target, looking for more for instance runs, or for WB leaders to announce who to join on. I don’t mind seeing lots of /t4 chat, just as long as its useful to someone.

“Join on me for TM”
“Need Off Tank for 5-6 TOVL”
“ST heals for Premade”

Instead of just one WB leader in Eataine saying,

“Come to Eataine, we can lock this, need all destro here.”

He and 5 others decided to use the /t4 to chat for this:

Hey, this guy is awesome, lets go to the city.”
“OMG, this is our HOUSE.”
“I like waffles.”
“NEED 500 of you on Center and then 200 of you on West.”
“The doctor says I won’t get so many nose bleeds if I just keep my finger out of there.”

I don’t remember all the crap, but it far breached ridiculous. Finally some charisma chimed in. A well-known DoK, that basically just runs SC premades bombed their circle jerk:

“Alright we get it, Eataine, now shut the fuck up.”

I had to immediately thank him in /alliance. It worked, they shut up. But only in /t4, instead, those that didn’t have /t4 chimed in on region. A known FailDoK, that’s just how I know him, put in region,

“Who is <t4 bomber> and what WB is he leading here?”

I then chimed in. “He doesn’t have a WB, he has a premade.”

“He can shut the fuck up for not helping then.”

“You don’t understand, you only have the VPs to do this, because he’s not in the lakes and running SCs. You wouldn’t be going to city if not for it.”

They could not grasp this concept. How do people go into SCs and not recognize names of the people on the top of the SC scores? It doesn’t take long in a day in T4 SCs to figure out who’s the premade kings on each side.

I was then barraged with tells. I’m apparently an Elitist and an Elitist sympathizer too. Double win,


2 thoughts on “There is No Casual

  1. Heh. I’ve seen that mess all too often myself, you have my empathy.

    Although, I agree with you. To be a true “elitist” is actually quite hard in almost any MMO. To try to be good at your class/your job, and to enjoy running with other people who are also good at their class/job is not elitist, it’s just common sense. Many players seem to want handouts rather than actually earn such respect/position in a guild/wb/premade, etc. (See your first example…)

    It’s a growing symptom in RL as well, and one has to wonder what that says about the state of people today. Anyway….

    You’re not elitist, you’re just self-motivated. It’s becoming rarer these days, and I, for one, applaud you for it.

  2. This is how things go when you play to perform, and expect it of others. Entitlement is an attitude that pervades gaming especially hard.

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