Don’t go down the hall.

I’ve a fairly decent week in WAR. Not a great deal of advancement, I dinged 57 last night running scenarios.

I’m quickly making a name for myself in my alliance. Either as the loud guy, or that healer that’s up for anything. I’ve been networking with a couple of different groups and trying to weasel my way into premades and other runs. Hopefully it will turn into finding a static group for ToVL and LV. I’m lacking on gear hard. I keep trying to run on LV with PuG, only to always have to stop somewhere down the middle wing, because someone drops. It’s so frustrating to be locked out. I need the gear. RR68 is so far away.

In any case, I’ve been making my way into some decent premades. It seems to the 2 biggest lacking classes on Destro Gorfang is 1) Tanks and 2) Heals. Which is amazing to me. The tank was something I thought we never see a lack of. I mean this isn’t a normal MMO, tanks aren’t tanks. They can hit you quite hard. Hard enough to put many DPS to shame. So the constant lack of the two classes ends up riddling the alliance chat with 3 DPSs getting together and then looking for “Tanks and Heals.” Which in this alliance, I’m glad to join up with total strangers. The bottom echelon of these guilds are the top of most. Even on RR40 alts, they put up a damn good fight.

I’ve been running SCs so much that for the first time since it’s release, I have actually purchased an Insignia Weapon. I still don’t get what determines the insignia breakdown. You can win with 500 points, and only get 1. Then you can have a complete loss with no kills and get 3. I just don’t get it. In any case I bought my first Conqueror Weapon. It looks great, and has propelled me into going full heal setup, since I’m running in so many premades. I had to choose the heal crit sword. For some unknown reason the Conqueror Chalice is +6 SE build, even though the step below is +8. Fail Mythic, Fail. But I’m quickly gaining Invader Insignia, so sweet crit Purple Chalice, here I come.

I had my name noticed in the Alliance, due to my impromptu lead on an Alliance WB in the city. Somewhere in the last zone lock, I got irritated at the retardness that was taking place in the WBs I was jump in and out of. I got in /alliance chat and said WB on me. In all of 1 minute I had a WB. And without asking, all in vent. Since I called it, I didn’t want to pass the crown. I just put it out there that I wanted to go in pretty quickly to better our chances to go against better Order. If you go in quick enough, the lowbies will leave and eventually, the better guys will show up.

Well, we took a bit longer then we should have getting to the gate, but we still found some decent order. They put up a good battle. They couldn’t win, but they gave a good show. And despite getting rolled over, they should be applauded for not just rage quitting. The entire instance took all of 50 minutes. No second run, but you couldn’t have asked to go up against a better PuG. Later in the day, it was now time to defend. And I started once again, an alliance WB. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough people online, and could only boast a 1/2 WB. I foolishly opened to PuG, and weeded what I wanted, locking the WB and grabbing /tells from people. Would have been better just to go in as 2 groups and hope for the best.

We ran in, and went straight to the center. The superior premades on the other end foolishly kept running down the center, making the defense feasible for our one bomb group. But even then all 3 pushes were close calls. We would lose 2 groups each time. It was probably the reason they kept going down center, one more time and we might bust. Most were in vent, but we still had a group of PuGs that wouldn’t join in.

I just kept typing “Do NOT go into that Hall!”
“They’ll lure you down, kill 2 of you, and that’s all it takes to come break us.”

Well, sure enough on the 4th push, they came up, and ran back down the hall. And sure enough, 3 tanks and 4 DPS followed. You just watched the squares turn instant Red. A Facepalm followed, and then the wipe.

“How hard is it NOT to go down the Hall?”

As we tried to make rallies at different points, you would just see the squares of my alliance mates, going black as if they crashed. I waited out the end of the stage, and did the same. The quitter’s debuff could have been for an hour, and still would have been worth it. Learned my lesson, don’t open to PuGs.

One thought on “Don’t go down the hall.

  1. It really depends. Sometimes you can get good PuGs, where most of the people are high RR or on alts and know what they are doing.

    The other day I did a similar thing, I got fed up with getting farmed and tried to rally a losing instance. We won last 2 stages in the end, having been too late to salvage the first one. The composition of the group was a complete PuG, with some high RR individuals. But they were willing to listen and give winning a go. I was praised at the end but I really didn’t do much. I just kept instructing them to group up and reminding them not to stray away while steering them in the right direction. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

    Like you, I’ve been quite unlucky with dungeon runs. But yesterday I managed to find a good PuG for LV. Now I need to find a VL group. Nigh impossible! xD

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