Warhammer Online: Those that refuse to conform

When I first started my new life with Destro on Gorfang, my first day in T2 I ran into a Zealot with an all too familar name. I don’t know how famous she was with Destro with Phoenix Throne, but all of Order sure knew her. The lone Shammy, just standing there in the lakes, seemingly afk. 1 on 1, you are dead. 2 on 1, she’d still win. 3 on 1, it will take a minute, but she’ll win. Take a group after her, she would show how terrain really works, and picked off what she could and then /wave at you from a safe spot. She wasn’t a renown whore, she just wanted to emote and have fun. If you were a lowbie, she would just pick on you, and then wave and run off, leaving you with 5% health. Everyone on Order PT, knew her. At some point, she taught you and your friends a lesson.

So when I saw this variation of the name, I had to talk to the infamy that was probably the best DPS I had ever seen. We got to talking, and now I’m in her guild, hanging out with my former foe almost every night. She was about the only real DPS shammy you saw on PT. DPS healers I guess easily get shunned. The community believes in specializing in a path that was meant for your class. Healers heal, tank carry boards and ranged shoot from range. You try to break that mold, and you are instant fail.

I like DPS shammies/AM, they can instant rez if nothing else. I like 2 hander DPS tanks, they are easier to heal, and they actually have a chance in killing something. I like my 2 sworded DoK, I’m a healing beast. In my new guild, there is this Squig Herder that is Melee setup. Literally puts on the squig armor and run about. I had the privilege of grouping with him. Beyond actually being hilarious, it was actually quite effective. He was a beast, took damage like a tank, but dps’d like he was a Marauder, not to mention he was basically a walking CC.

Seeing something beyond conformity and making it work for them, that is an amazing thing. It’s another step in throwing a wrench into that perfect grouping formula.

However, just being defiant to be moronic is what stands out. I had the misfortune of running a WB, a PuG one too. No one would take lead, and the one that did failed hard, so screw it. I just set my AutoBand on and had fun chatting it up. Somewhere at our 3rd keep defense, I got a /tell from a freshly joined DoK after I spammed for a healer in region, “Hey just so you know, I’m DPS.”

“That’s wonderful. It’s a good thing those abilities just don’t disappear when you respec.  I need a balanced WB, and you are holding my 8th healing spot. You can DPS when we go to an empty instance in the city. Pull out the chalice and slot the willpower tactic, plz.”

“I don’t have one. I’m DPS. That’s what I am telling you.”

“Alright, take it from an experienced WP and slightly experienced DoK. If you want to DPS, that’s cool, but you should still keep a Chalice, if not also a healing set of gear, and tactics ready to be a healer when the realm needs it. Same if you were a dedicated healer, you should still keep DPS sets and gear ready. Loldps is always loldps, but lolhealers are still heals.”

“Well, you don’t pay my account, so I pretty much play how I want.”

“Welp, you don’t pay mine either, so have fun finding another WB :D”

Beyond that great story, I was in an SC, basically being manhandled by 4 BWs and 3 AMs and 2 RPs. It was Nordenwatch, and they intelligently just never left Fort the whole time. They just stayed around the top ledges of the Fort wall, and magically raped whatever try to come in the area. Literally you should see 15 DoTs light over people’s head, and within 4 seconds, a horrible death.

As I am standing on the hill side with my premade trying to figure out what to do, since the PUGs won’t listen and 3 people just died and are waiting for their crest, a DoK run past, I give him some HoTs and got off one heal before his death. 2 Seconds. Being the only one there, the magical gathering lead by Gandolf the face-raper decided DoTs where unnecessary, a couple of fire balls with the AMs channel melted the tard as soon as he crested the hill.

In capslock he screams in /sc: “WHY THE FUCK DIDNT YOU GUYS HEAL ME?


“I don’t know even where to start with you, dude. First, check your combat log, you see those 4 heals you got, that was me.

Second, I’m not sure if you can see those BWs and Archmages on that wall, but I’m sure if you turn on your timestamps, you’ll see you lived all of 2 seconds.

Thirdly, the fact that a healer is screaming for heals is ridiculous.”


“Please continue to rush into the bonfire. You can’t die enough.”

In the end we came up with a strategy, we did some tip toe in and out of their range, and built up our morals. Then when the moron DoK went running in, we rushed up one stair case, losing our Zealot and Witch Elf in the process, but the Tanks made it up and punted the 1 RunePriest, 1 BW, 2 AM, a Witch Hunter and IB, that we had no idea was there. We killed 1 AM and 2 BW before the last AM ran off. I rezzed my fallen comrades.


“Only if you promise to continuely run head first into their WC and then scream for heals after you die to the guard’s 2 shot kill.”


“So, does this mean you won’t make out with me after the SC?”


14 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Those that refuse to conform

  1. Yeah..it’s the same medal..just two sides of it.

    I’m a healer.. I can’t dps I’m dps..I can’t heal.

    Many folks out there aren’t flexible enough to use their character to the best possible way in the current situation. Tunnel vision..Blinders.. call it what you want…it’s terrible ;)

    • That’s my point. I like and approve of specialization.

      But … you cant ignore the fact that its just bag space and tactics that can allow you to change up when ever you want.

      But then again, I love nerd rage. RAGE!!!

  2. I was actually running my WP in a weird spec. Was grace/salv (wounds buff, shield, hot and sigmar’s vision) with renown in toughness and heal crit. I switched between dps and healing gear and it seemed to work just fine. But then I ran into a couple RR80 gankers in ORvR which pissed me off and I respeced. Now I love my dps but my healing sucks. Wish there were dual specs. :(

    • I really love my DoK for that exact reason. My Grace/Salv WP, like you had, just didn’t produce what I wanted.

      The DoK, who can easily get 1000 str and then still have 500 Willpower can run the the mirror Sacrifice/Dark Rites with ease. With tactics, you can hit well over 1K DPS and then still be Healing 2K DPS. Only issue, was it really took till Invader to figure out AP though. I had a friend that gave me a couple Kanemra talis to help while I was in Conqueror.

      The reason I am on this DOK, is because I wanted a real Grace WP. This was the only way. I do really miss the uber healing of the WP though.

  3. Another great post.

    Any chance you could post your DoK spec and tactics?

    Always looking to learn more…


  4. Really cool story to read!

    I am currently rolling a AM and am aiming at pure group
    healer @ lvl 28 and im still trying to learn. I was considering specing for dps for a bit just to try but as a healer you get enough shit anyway without being dps focused and as its my main character so I didnt want to tarnish his name and be a social outcast : )


    • Thanks,

      My times in DPS roles. My WL for a long time, my DPS AM, my Engi. I very rarely grouped up. I know that’s a horrible answer or suggestion.

      But in PuGs, squishy DPS or healers acting as DPS, very rarely get life tap heals. It is apparently easier to rez you. Which as a healer I never really understood. The tank might be gaurding me, but the Slayer is getting me RPs. Hmmmm… hard choice.

      I went from RR50 to 60 on my WL running SCs and going solo from the group last year in 1 week. 1 week. When some kills a squig herder, you see a blue nubmer for like 100 renown. I found that you can get like 700 to 2000 per kill, if you arent sharing it with anyone. And since I wasn’t getting heals or a guard, why am I sharing?

      My old computer has screen shots with my WL and Engi getting well over 10K in an SC. And that was not uncommon for them.

      So, I personally would tell you that the DPS AM is a great deal of fun in sub T4. T3 and T2 were great days. Go get some Intel Talis and enjoy it while you can. The key is, don’t group, just follow them around.

      • Thanks dude for the reply its really good to get some knoledge from an experianced player i appreciate it!

        I think im going to give the dps a go as i want to experiance everything. It can be a bit draggy playing the same roll for a long period aswell.


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