Warhammer Online: Suggestion: Opt-Out Gold Bag

Though I do quite indubitably enjoy winning gold bags for Warlord and Sovereign well before a foreseeable time to even use them, I do feel quite awful that I can.

In hind sight of looking back to when the Opt-Out system was finally implemented last year, it was also after the change of having 200 containers only be in bags. Ultimately, unless you have an alliance/guild only Warband on the Keep by themselves, or you have people who don’t craft for some reason, no one is opting out of a keep take. Most likely your guild has nothing but too many gold bags already sitting in their vaults. Or everyone wants that shot at the 200 container. Or just simply forgot to when in the fray of the zerg.

With my latest project, I never once won a gold bag for Annihilator, and still haven’t by RR52. But I have 5 Invader, 4 Warlord and even 3 Sovereign pieces waiting for me in my vault. In all, that’s great. I never have ever had that before. And for the most part, I know for 1 of the Warlord and 2 of the Sovereign pieces, I didn’t screw anyone. I was one of 3 people who was capable of rolling. No harm done to a potential 70. But there could have been, easily.

When I am PuGing, I’m not opting out. Sure, if it was an alliance WB, and my peeps need me to, I sure as hell am. 10 Royal crest is still 10 Royal crest. However, if you aren’t RR60, you probably still want that Purple bag on the Warlord stage.

The issue with Opt-Out is simple: no one will. We want containers, we want to finish sets way before we can wear them, and we want a shot at that purple bag, even if that means getting a gold we don’t want.

I think the easiest immediate answer is simply Opt-Out of Gold. At the keeps, I would rather a rank 33 win the gold. But it still be nice to get one of those green bags. In the city, I want the 60s to get their Warlord, and the 70s to get their Sovereign. But I also want some sugar. And if enough were not able to roll on the gold, then those that opted-out will then automatically be opted back in for the golds. That would eliminate the potential for wasted loot.

I think the above is the easiest answer. I know, most want rolls and rewards based on your RR, but that seems like a lot of effort to make happen, the above is a nice meet half way consideration.

Right now, you only have a couple nerd rages on lowbies taking bags. But with the upcoming implementation of 1.3.6’s Against All Odds, and then one day you will put back in those Forts, I easily see the city becoming more of a grand event. And it would be nice to set up ahead, ready to make the loot system just a bit more fair for your realmmates.

Just a quick thought,


2 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Suggestion: Opt-Out Gold Bag

  1. I had a different idea on how to reduce the inflated price of annihilator. I thought that everyone who opts out would be eligible for a white bag, which would contain all of the crafting ingredients and nothing more.

    But your solution is much better, as I forgot about people who only need purple or blue bags. I fully support this idea. :)

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