Warhammer Online: Elitism and Against All Odds

To me you have 3 different types of players in WAR:

First, you have a overwelming population of Zerglings. Mostly composed of Melees and random fail Tanks. They did not find the right guild; they don’t really have a mentor to help them; and their life consist of roaming the Lakes of RvR, unwilling to listen to the WB or even hope in Vent. They queue ever so often for SCs only to leach some pitiful renown for a time, till they hit a premade and rage-quit for 30 minutes and log onto another fail-project. Now despite what you may think, they aren’t very boisterous. They aren’t spouting crap in /region, they aren’t cursing anyone out, the best they will do is type “Rez pls” in /region. Only after 5 minutes of realizing that no one knows where ‘Here’ is, they will release and run another 5 minutes back to the keep only to get raped by a Witch Elf again. And they will repeat this process for the next 40 minutes. When you inspect them, they have half Annihilator and Blue Desert gear on, and the talisman slots are composed of 12 and 13 wounds with a possible mixture of ballistic talismans for their Archmage.

The Second, is your actual boisterous folks, the Shouters. These guys hang out in large guilds. Despite having 20 or so online at the same time, they each are still in different WBs. They curse people out and tell people what to do in attempt to roundup the cat rodeo that is the ORvR lake. They generally have 3 toons all around RR50, and have seen N’Kari die twice. They still don’t understand the Orbs. Every so often someone comes and starts a WB and they all get together and get in Vent. Some guilds that aspirations to be better, will try to mold a better model of a group and encourage premades and closed WBs. But ultimately will try to influence the Zerg,try to lead the WBs in the lakes to victory only to finally reach a point of nerd rage and make half the Zerglings hate them. Mainly due to the fact that most Zerglings don’t read chat, so they never saw the Caplock rant of rage. These folks are happy to share what is ever on their mind as quickly as they can type. Boldly boasting their hate for mods, and how they are better than them. They are quick to use an “@” post on the forums, and think that it is good fun to just roam around LOTD picking on solo rank 25s trying to level. They will then /lol at the dead carcass; and then quickly go the forums and rant about how they defeated 12 newbs solo all while taking a giant shit and playing on their 10-year-old laptop.

The Third, is your different Elitists. They aren’t really Elitist, they just don’t suck, but there is really not another name for them apparently. Therefore, they are some version of L337. Some are quiet and content; they want TOVL and sometimes in between to run premade SCs. Some just want SCs and nothing but total PWNage. Others just want variaty of challenges, both mixing PvE, SCs and attempting ORvR and the same time. Your common Elistist, uses Mods, and they know how to use them. They know you can easily farm helm in LV, they know that rezes take a lot longer than just healing through the peak action first, they know that detaunt is a way of life, not a useless ability. However your Elitist comes in many different forms. They can be helpful, they might even PuG. Some are just arrogant and flaunt it on forums. And others basically just don’t really care, they like their groups, they like what they can do, and they have goals.

The main problem is with the composition. With Carrie’s July Producers Letter, the world of organized groups in WAR are all excited. I can understand, Against All Odds sounds amazing. It is seemingly the greatest answer to getting the Renown Rank 70+ back in the lakes. 400% to come face the zerg, yes please. So to the Zerglings and the Shouters, this looks like a bone to the Elitist. But in a way, it will hurt us all.  

Carrie has announced changes coming to ORvR VPs, no more PvE for VPs. I agree with that. That is a great change. Along with that change, the Against All Odds bonus, that will grant you 400% renown bonus for kills and objective taking while out numbered in a zone. So, consider a common scenario … you have one side poised to control a Zone Lock through Domination. They have 4 WBs and each is on one of the BOs. Exactly why, would I not as the opposing realm, get a double group of bomb squads to go wipe a BO? You are right, I will, because of that sweet 400%. What will this do … destroy zone locks, which means … less City. Horay, we won’t have 4 city seiges a day, right? Also, that means since we aren’t going to the city all the time, no underdog bonuses either, hmmmm.

I don’t know about you, but I like the city, great renown, generally fairly balanced, when you aren’t in an empty instance, and gives us all the gear we want. I like the city, I do. I like going to it 3 times in a Weekend, and then each weekday night; I like defending, I like attacking, I like the city. But if we can all ruin a Domination Lock so easily with such nice rewards, I guess we will be seeing a lot less of what I currently love and enjoy.

So … if you are over RR70 and haven’t quite yet collected all your Sovereign pieces ready for you turn to RR80, you might want to get on that. Just my prediction; but with an Against All Odds, I think we will be seeing a great deal less of the city. I know I will be getting in the city more, I barely have earned anything Warlord, I need to get on that.


11 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Elitism and Against All Odds

  1. Your classification misses quite a few of inbetweens and I still haven’t decided if I’ll be offended by the description that best fits me. What do you call someone who has 3 RR5xs a RR6x, is always vocative about their opinion (read rants) and always runs alone. I’m going to call myself a freelancer, cause it sounds cool 8)

    Also you can farm helm in LV? :o

    Most people agree that there’s way too much city sieging going on and should be reduced. But I don’t think that the frequency will reduce much, because the groups that can and will screw up a lock were already doing so. Those that don’t usually can’t.

    • For classification wasn’t listed as it is the one that I am. There is so few that I decided not to list it. That being the fourth, the Blogger.

      Yeah, you can farm the helm, if you run off at the bosses low health, you can let the friendly hero battle him (atleast for order, haven’t tested as Destro yet), the boss will die, but then respawn at the top of the stairs. Loot the dead boss, then kill him again. And again, and again. Till you all have the helm, or your magic salvager is content.

  2. Slowing down city sieges is a goal of Mythic. So, as much as I love it (and I do, even after doing it so often i want to /wrist), I’ll be happy for it to be a bit more “special”.

    Also, what do you call an Elitist who loves to go to LotD and kill those rank 22s trying to level? I’m telling you man, some of the best fights I have had, has been duoing with an IB in LotD by the Destro lizards, roaming to pick off small groups and set ambushes only to eventually get swarmed by all their mains!

    • I wanted the cities slowed down too. But I thought revamped Forts was the answer. Sigh…

      As long as you don’t then do an “@” right afterwards, you can remain an Elitist. Just know that you are bordering on Shouter though, sir.

      Seriously though, the boards are hilarious. It’s like taking the ridiculousness of /region, dropping IQs by 30 and then putting them in one house for 48 hours with a crate of Mountain Dew with a Nintendo that has only 1 controller and one game; Double Dragon.

      It like watching Jersey Shore, the trainwreck is too hard not to watch. The key is to never start.

    • I think that is what is missing in Warhammer. In Warcraft after being ganked a few times in STV everyone would jump on their mains, and gank each other. It has never really happened in this game even on DC which was an orvr server. It could be because of the chicken mechanic.

    • Ha. How does one have that kind of victory stats without even having one accidental Death Blow.

      You sir, are beyond pro. I revise my categories, it should be:

      Zerglings, Shouters, Elitist, and Death Gods.

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