Warhammer Online: A Good Weekend in WAR

Such a good weekend. Plenty of time to play, plenty of time to rest, plenty of time to get wasted, and even more to do it all at the same time. With the announcement of the double RPs for the holiday, I made two goals: Full Conqueror and new Guild by Monday. Though I did end up gaining 11 Renown Ranks (38 to 49), I failed to gain all the Conqueror pieces. I gained my Chest from a gold bag at the WC in LOTD, but after 15 tries, I could not gain another gold.

The issue is, Officer Medallions. Plenty of Conqueror medallions, just not enough Officer.  In the end, being on the verge of RR 50, and having only 4 Invader pieces ready, I felt it best to save the Officer/Conqueror Medallions for the Invader Pieces I will most definitely have to buy. I feel if I buy the Conqueror Shoulders, I will only be mad at myself next week when I could have used those Medallions for the last Invader piece. The gold bags I have won in Stage 1, have been for the belt and shoulders; the 2 least expensive items. Also, I still need to keep doing that LOTD WC, I need my Cape still. If I buy that Conqueror piece, you know I’ll finally win that gold bag with the one piece I need and be all the more pissed.

So big win on almost reaching RR 50 in one weekend; minus points for not finishing the set like I set out to do, just because of fear for the future. Stupid cautiousness.

The second goal I found late yesterday. Finding the right guild was bit hard. I came to server and joined a new guild with new players with no alliance. Which was the complete opposite of why I left Badlands. For the new cities, I wanted a strong alliance to boast a WB premade. So I hadn’t really been window shopping for guilds until this last weekend, when I was finally at a Renown Rank and Gear that was modestly decent. Up until yesterday, I was about to go back to Order Badlands. I wasn’t really impressed by too many guilds, and the ones that did, were not really interested in recruiting an under RR50 DOK. Thanks to my wonderful days on my WL, I kept running into an old favorite enemy, Ardz. We got to talking and she recruited me to a guild I almost not heard of. But this was my favorite Shammy in all the world, so I was willing to trust her. Well, it just so happens to be a guild in the strongest destro alliance (IMO from a one month view point, I think most would agree).

By the end of the night, IC was under seige. In /alliance you see “Alliance Defense WB, join on me.” 10 seconds, we have a full WB. And not just any WB, an almost perfect balanced warband. The first instance was cake. The armor on the order players must have been butter. I literally never got the chance to hit something. It was dead before I got to it. Our second instance was great, we had run into the opposing WB of Order’s ‘Elite.’ Stage 1 was amazing. 45 minutes of just break even fighting. Unfortunately once we finally lost the chokepoint, we also had lost a full party. And 3/4ths just couldn’t hold, so Stage 2 and 3 were sad in comparison. None the less, great fun, and proved to the point of what I was looking for when I left Badlands.

Now the new goal is where to go in my life post RR50 with this DoK. I really like the melee heals. I mean … I can kill something. I can go up to a Runepriest and kill it. I can hold my own with lower RR WHs. I can make a WP detaunt me, and sometimes, I can kill them. I CAN KILL STUFF!!! If you’re a DoK, this is probably no big deal. “Big news there buddy.” However if we asked a WP to pull out a 2 hander and go kill something, the question would be begged to ask “Are they AFK?” I love it, I can finally kill stuff on my Grace WP, IE Sacrifice DoK. I can’t be one forever, so I’ll enjoy the time I can be.

My future on Gorfang is looking better and better,


8 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: A Good Weekend in WAR

  1. Badlands must of changed. My other BW ended up there after Reikland—>Magnus—>Badlands merge. I hated that server with a passion. I remember on Magnus we never got to the city. Even 6 months after I left, and farmed IC on Dark Crag the server Magnus was a joke.

    I still see many, many guild names on badlands from my nightmare on Magnus. I just don’t see how that server could be that great. I saw so much fighting amongst guilds that no one worked together.

    I think you will like Gorfang alot better. I seem to enjoy myself for the most part.

  2. EU servers get another 2 weeks of 100% xp/renown because of the transfer, roll on renown! Went from 52 to 55 in a day. :P

    And Meh, I’m gonna prove you wrong. I’m going to kill stuff with my WP. Just need a good weapon now (which might take a while) :(.

    • The ‘Lightbearer’ from the Left Wing in LV is the easiest DPS 2 hander to get for the WP. Out of my 100 runs through that dungeon I can only remember a few times that hammer didn’t drop.

      Also, I now despise Europe. Loathing …

      • Yeah, emphasised YOU saw it drop. I have only seen it once in about 50 kills or so. None on my WP ofc.

        And EU deserves at least a month of 100% renown and free 70% mounts for everyone for everything we’ve been missing when we were under GOA.

      • Awww that’s sad. I think there are like 15 of them in my Wp’s bag right now waiting to get Magic Salvaged, for the day I return to him.

        I know I am rubbing salt in the wound, but that for still having the double renown weekend.


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