Much needed time to PWN

Hardwork pays off. Or it just pays and completely drains you. Either case, I am taking a 5 day weekend.

Now to enjoy life as a 40 … and rush into some better gear.

2 thoughts on “Much needed time to PWN

  1. Had fun running into you and that hoarde of Destro on the hill in Dragonwake over the weekend! I really thought we were going to come out on top until more started pouring in and we got seperated.

    Good times.

    • It was good times. I was disappointed not seeing you in the city SC last night. That was a good battle. Hopefully your guildmates enjoyed it.

      48 min stage 1. Good times.

      DW could have been more fun. But we had 2 roaming WB ready to assist each WB at any BO. Destro was in full zerg over the weekend. Good for renown, bad for actual PvP. It was so bad, we almost were able to crash on Altdorf even while Order had 3 Underdog. That is when your zerg is too great. I’m almost releaved we failed. (It was my WB’s fault).

      You guys need to lead those Order Zerglings. Grand scale battles. There is none on this server. Just L33Ts and lowbies … it’s kind of sad.

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