Mr. Meh says …

I had a crap weekend. I worked all of it. Literally, wake up, go the office, work like crazy, sleep, rinse, and repeat.

Somewhere on Sunday in about my 5th useless meeting, that could be described as a pool party of ignorance and stupidity, all without the joy of water to force down their wind pipes, I started to have visions. My pen turned into a sword, and I would run about slashing a hacking as if I were an enraged Disciple of Khaine. About my chaos and havoc, was a devious smile and gallons of blood to bask in my glory.

At a point in which during one idiot’s long banter of useless crap, I was debating in my head; where exactly I would need to slice his neck to cause one of those anime style blood fountains to rain Khaine’s gift among the rest of my soon to be victims. It then occurred to me: I have a problem.

I need to make sure I get enough Warhammer Online per day, or I’ll get rage withdrawals.

Yeah …. that’s the problem. ((shifty eyes))


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