Warhammer Online: I hope they merge the Euro Servers with US.

I’m guessing that this message from Mythic means that GOA is out.

The day when the servers start to thin out a bit, I think it will be great to merge the NA and Euro servers. I miss my days in EVE of seeing this in chat:

Я убью Вас и съем ваших детей. 

One step closer to hearing more Brits in vent,


7 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: I hope they merge the Euro Servers with US.

    • Haha, Yeah…..

      the section of Amarr low sec and null sec I was in in EVE was heavy Russian. I used to just keep up a browser translator, just so I could perform my own crappy communications.

      “I will kill you and eat your children.”

      I got that one a lot.

  1. I hope they offer transfers. I play mornings and can hardly find anyone on the US servers.

    And yes, Brit accents help… A LOT…(hehe)

    Cheers (oops, showing my favoritism)

    • My last guild had a Brit. I called him the last king of Scotland. British tempers are the best.

      ‘Look… Aye’m from Yoark ya daft bastard. Aye’ve never een been to Edinburgh.’

      It makes me wonder: Are Scottish players obligated to play Tank toons that carry Claymores?

  2. I’m in two minds about this. The idea of both communities meeting and playing on the same server is great, and having a server in several timezones would mean that there would always be action and WAR could always be played at its best.

    BUT KA and KN have healthy populations, to merge them to NA servers would mean creating new servers, otherwise I’m suspecting the load on the existing servers would be too much.

    And KN is already a laggy server. Addin +200 ping or so to the existing one would make the game almost unplayable. I imagine the lag spikes would only get worse.

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