Warhammer Online: Healing: Why Shielding isn’t in your RR’s Favor

Last night while running in a newb premade (meaning no one is above RR 50 or even 4o and we aren’t using vent), a comment was made about my healing:

“How come it seems like sometimes we take little to no damage, yet other times we seem to fall to 20%, only to be 100% in a millisecond.”

\o/ I guess that’s how it played out. Right?

Maybe. Or maybe your healer wanted some Arpies. I can cast a 1,200 shielding on my group at will. I then can cast a moral 3 that stops 4,500 of physical attacks. That’s a great deal of help in intense fights. However, that doesn’t give me the purple fountain of glory that it should.

See, a healer get’s Renown based on the amount of healing they cast on someone who killed something. You don’t get RR, for shielding them. So if I am confident in the fact I can keep you alive, I will let you take damage, just to earn Renown.

Shielding you gets me this much purple  … take you fingers and pinch them together.

Letting you almost die but then I cast 4 group heals back to back, gets me this much purple … cut off your left arm and throw it to the other side of the room.

I know, I’m a jerk. But that’s the honest truth behind that RP/Zealot solo grouping in the SC. Or the reason why your green bar is low, even though you are staring at 5 healers, probably emoting to one another no less.


*Mr. Meh is not responsible for you actually cutting off your arm. Any injuries you sustained while reading this blog is all your fault. Take responsibility for your own stupidity once in a while.


3 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Healing: Why Shielding isn’t in your RR’s Favor

  1. Since all shields are on a hefty CD (except for the proc ones, damn DoKs) I find that if a group is taking steady managable damage I don’t even use them. I mostly use them to save an individual or if my group gets pulled/bombed.

    So imo, you could easily mask your “jerky” behaviour by saying that you save shields for emergencies. :P

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