Warhammer Online: A Tale of Re-Nubbing #4: Fake L33Ts

I had quite the week in WAR. Somewhat of a humbling one to start with and then transitioning to awesome. Not a lot of advancement with my character, but I did have a great deal of fun. Saturday started a little rough, I started running some Scenarios, trying my hand at the LE for Phoenix Gate. In one case we had them spawn camped so bad, I got bored and started to run the Flag. On my 2nd run with the flag I encountered a solo Shadow Warrior. Looked like he was holding the 65 renown bow, so I know he probably had some decent experience. Not that I ever had a high level Shadow Warrior, but one of my favorite players on PT and Badlands did, and I seem to remember him claiming that DoKs were his favorite thing to kill. Never understood how. Maybe its the armor debuffs, maybe the snares, don’t exactly know, but he considered himself a DoK killing machine.

In any case, this Shadow Warrior just owned me. It took him 13 seconds, so maybe not PWN’d, but he won. I was quickly snared, relying on heals, I eventually ran out of SE and then I was interrupted during my SE channel (which has a 5 second cooldown for some reason). He clearly knew the process, he was no newb to DoKs, he knew when and what to do. With basically no way left to heal, in a last-ditch effort I went to catch him to build SE again, I just couldn’t get off the second hit to snare him. What could I do? I don’t have the right tactics yet to build my SE fast enough,  and ultimately I was 34 and he was, probably at least 70. 13 seconds isn’t too bad I guess. I didn’t really feel bad, I expected to lose a lot while still low-level.

However the Choppa that had been watching by the ridge, and then came down to kill him after my death, had no issue saying that I sucked in /sc. I had no response, other than I was 34, get over it. He kept harping on it. Not sure if he was upset that lowbies come in a steal the renown from SCs or just wanted to be a dick, but he wouldn’t let it go. He saw no reason I should have lost. He sat most of the SC on his mount, berating me and my lack of skill. I should have stopped responded, but didn’t have the ability. “I’m 3 fucking 4, dude, in Devastator. I have an 80 (bit of exaguration, he’s 70) WP on Badlands, I know what I am doing.”

‘It just goes to show, just cause you make it to 80, doesn’t mean you know how to play. I’ve seen a lot better level 30s than you.’

I had my humbling moment on Gorfang. Maybe I wasn’t the all healing power that I was as a Warrior Priest. Maybe I was never actually all that good, and it was my support on Badlands that made me feel that way. With my experience, maybe I should have been able to survive and win that, even at 34. Not much shakes my cage, but that experience sure did. I did not enter another Scenario as a result. Not to avoid him, but mostly just because I realize how much it sucks that a lowbie can suck up all your renown, without really doing anything. I’ll just stay in the RvR lakes for weekend.

Which wasn’t a bad plan. The keeps and zone locks ended up giving me all the Wards you could possibly earn without gear. Not to mention enough influence to fill the first bar in each zone. I don’t think I have ever finished an influence reward before 40 in the past.

On Destro’s second push to Altdorf I joined an Open Warband. It took me till the 2nd zone flip to notice, it was primarily composed of the Guild that the Super Awesome Choppa of Knowledge belonged to. By the time we went to lock down Kadrin Valley, the said Large Penis Bearing Choppa happened to be in the WB. Not in my group, I had already added him to my not heal list mod, so I went about as normal.

Our job was to guard the northern-most BO by the Order WC, there was action and we were successful in holding back all pushes. I wasn’t sure that I was ready to leave. So basically after about 45 mins of basically sitting in a purple pool of fun, we are minutes from a Altdorf siege. In vent I can hear them say they need to lock the WB and set it up for the alliance. We need to boot the lowbies and non-alliance.

I type in /war, “Welp, thanks for the fun guys. I’m only 34, I’ll go PUG it up.”

In vent I hear: ‘No no Nihk, you’re good. You’re really decent at the heals.’

I was hoping to all of Khaine’s sacrifices for that Flower Scented Poop Factory of a Choppa to say something. I so wanted it. He didn’t though.

Our first instance in the city, we just destroyed Order. It got so easy, staying together was wasteful. It was more fun, to wander about. Their champs died inside of 30 seconds on stage III. However, when we rushed to get into another instance, only 3 of the 4 groups came in. Apparently, since you can’t earn bags because of the lockouts, those participants just decided not to go into the next one. Little shitty to do, without saying so. Whatever, it was quick and only slightly painful.

In many cases I watched my favorite Choppa, who could surely power a city with his wisdom if only we could harvest that sort of awesome, die over and over. In one case he came running from the front lines doing the bunny hop of desperation, that healers are all to used to seeing. You know the one, the 3rd grader jump with hands in the air, ‘pick me, pick me.’ I watched him die, with great joy. I think it was the most roleplaying I had ever done in my gaming. I was truly enjoying the sacrifice of any as if I were actually a Disciple of Khaine.

As he was slowly perishing from the DOTs I could see all about his head (great mod by the way, very useful for healers and cleansing), I thought to take the time to emote a /bye to him. I didn’t; there was a Witch Elf that was going to pull off some nice kills, so I focused on her.

In any case, I felt as though I had my silent revenge on him, twice over no less. I’ve decided to remove him from my Do Not Heal List, because of his guild’s honorable motivations, as well as watching him so pathetically die. To me, it seems like it was now even, and I, I could move on to 40 knowing that I wasn’t the newb the All Mighty Unicorn Riding Prophet of Epicness Choppa, had almost so convinced me of being.


10 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: A Tale of Re-Nubbing #4: Fake L33Ts

  1. I sense great anger in you, let it feed your power. Revenge is always sweet. Nice story.

    What is the name of the addon that you use to put on no heal list?

    • It’s not a curse addon. It was a custom one built to addon to ‘Squared’, built by a much angier person then me in my last guild. I don’t know if he ever published it. Do not heal list is what he called it. And the guild website no longer exist.

      It basically just blacks out the sqaure of the person so you don’t accidently click heal them. You can’t stop group heals or old fashion heals on them.

  2. I’d LOVE to know the guild, but I think I may know already anyway.

    Don’t feel bad about losing to a high rank SW while playing a 34 heal DoK. When you get 40 and more RR, he’ll never kill you, but currently, you’re lacking the tools to live through him. Melee DoK would rip him asunder if you could. In the future, if you need to snare someone, turn on Celerity and Fist of Khaine them until you catch up.

    As a parting note: Gorfang Destro have a hard time playing nice with each other, it’s their biggest fault.

    p.s. Have we met in SCs/ORvR yet? I’ll keep my eye out for some friendly blogger competition.

    • My kill count says Kar +3, me 0. 1 SC and 3 times in Open.

      Would be at 4, but yesterday, you guys came pouring into Armory, you made a BLine for me in the corner so I detaunted your ass immediately, you hit me twice, must have thought ‘screw that’ and went and killed the WEs dancing about in a circle of ‘OMGs No Way’. A Swordmaster came up a owned my face instead.


    • I’m starting to get that impression in T4. I’m starting thinking T4 Destro Gorfang is T4 Order Badlands alts.

      Arsenal looks like they know what they are doing. But it looks like getting in with them is selective.
      I don’t really hold it against the guild that I’ll rename Callout (I’m so witty). It was really just the player himself.

      I’m also playing the DOK for the wrong reasons. I came to make the DPS WP I couldn’t have. But the server needs Healers. And as I heal spec, I miss my WP, who can do this heal thang much better. I feel my re-roll experiment failing.

      As I play the DOK as a healer, I miss my WP. As I play my BG as a Tank tank, I miss my IB (Gromil Plating ftw).

      I kind of wish they would open transfers for a price. I almost rather move my WP to a server I would enjoy.

      • Ha! Yeah, if I see a nearby squishy, I’ll jump on her ass over a healing DoK every day of the week.

        Arsenal does have their crap together as a whole. They have a good portion of standout players. OU and UA are both pretty strong guilds that might be a bit less selective and cliquish (that includes in-guild cliques as well).

        As for DPS DoK, sadly, you won’t have much success before 55, and it’s best used for solo-ganking. Talk to Selaphiel if you ever see him online. Hands down, the utmost BEST DPS DoK I have ever seen.

  3. Okay Mr. Meh, this article has vaulted you onto my list of best MMO writers on the internet!

    Honest, funny, and just a fantastic read!!

    More please!

    Bookmarked and waiting!

    Cheers, TzuDevil!

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