Warhammer Online: RIP Annihilator

I getting ready make my 9th level 40 toon. My Disciple of Khaine hit 35 over the weekend and I am encountering 2 problems I didn’t think would come true:

I can’t keep my XP level away from my Renown level. I level and bam, my purple bar is practically right back up to full. (I know, what a horrible problem)
And I’m probably going to have every piece of Invader, Warlord and Sovereign before I have Annihilator. (Sad for a 35, horay for the 60)

Being my 9th level 40, I have experienced multiple issues each time I have gotten in to T4. My first Warrior Priest (2008) was RR12, the thought of RvR Orange gear was not in my thought process. When I got my White Lion to 40 (2008), I again had the same Renown issue, my goal was Sentinel. My second Warrior Priest (Dec 2008) was very well off in Renown, but my access to gear seemed out of reach. I also gave up on that server fairly easy. My Engineer (Winter 2009) probably was my first experience in gaining Mythic gear. But gear grinding Forts to only gain 3 peices of Conqueror after 2 months gave me a bad taste. Not because of the Engineer, but because of the server not having balance in the right classes. But that was the issue with Ostermark. When we transferred to Phoenix Throne, mostly because of my guild wanted to level new toons, I made a bunch of toons all with no issues gaining low-level gear.

I levelled an Archmage and another Warrior Priest side by side (Summer 2009). I eventually left the AM to fully level the Warrior Priest, who eventually became the on the only toon I made over RR50. Along with other very quick levelling experiences with the Rune Priest and Knight. I noticed that Annihilator was too easy to acquire. But that was 8 months ago.

It’s kind of funny how things change without really realizing it. There is no shortage of keeps being taken, but there is also no shortage of players helping in the seige. I have yet, out of about 25+ keep takes, to be even in the top 10 of the rolls. What’s even more depressing, though I never thought I would want this, breaking down crest no longer gives the 5 of the lower type. I guess you should feel bad breaking down a Royal. But if you are lvl35 and already have 55 of them, at that rate, I don’t think I need to be worried about having enough crest by the time I’m 80. Same for Invader (110) and Warlord (55). Compare that to Officer at a quantity of 135. Seems to me that the new issue is having enough Officer Crest. That and achieving the best gear is now just a matter of time.

Makes you wonder if the ploy is a short-term answer to holding on to your player base a bit longer. It’s certainly not a long-term answer. However, it might be an opening before another introduction. Not much is known about Red Plague or what it involves. It be nice to see an introduction of more gear. Making your ability to have Sovereign gear, just a given of time. Maybe we aren’t too far from seeing a PVE equivalent, or possibly another step above. That’s just my speculation. Otherwise the high level gear grinding has become far too easy.

I guess my woes of having full Annihilator gear by now are really minor. Being able to look forward and know that because of the heavy high renown rank on the other end and the access to the cities, this and other toons will have no problem having the nice stuff when they get there. By 35, I have unlocked all the Lesser Wards, 4/5ths of the Greater and 3 of the Superior. Unfortunately, without Forts, I’m not going to be able to get all 5 of the Greater, nor the 5th of the Superior to achieve that either. I was hoping to jump right into Lost Vale as soon as I hit 40. I want that healing kit on my DOK, I loved it on my Warrior Priest. I’ll have to figure out what to do when I hit 40. Conqueror and Invader aren’t appealing as healing friendly for a DOK.


2 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: RIP Annihilator

  1. You’re dead on the money re: rp leveling pace. Since about 30, I noticed either the XP rate was going down (xp required getting larger) or the rp rate was picking up.

    So at level 33 and 34, I had all my RPs for that level by the time I had reached 40% of the xp for that level.

    Now in tiers 1,2 and 3, I barely had time to get my rps up before my xp had gone through that level. This is with me solely leveling in ORvR and scenarios.

  2. I’m thinking it is just the shear maginitude of high level renown opponents. It makes their value in death that much more worthy. A RR 34 against a RR70 is quite the reward. But ultimately for XP, its still Rank 34 vs. Rank 40. Nice, but not as nice for renown. I’m thinking that it’s just the evolution of the game.

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