WAR vs W40K: Millenniums Away

Thanks to E3; fans of Warhammer and Genre MMOs alike could feast their eyes on first glimpses of W40K: Dark Millennium. Beyond the trailer and some very short words, I have been trying to find some type of review or article from some kind of interaction at the convention. Finally, MMORPG.com’s, Garrett Fuller posted his first glimpse.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t really have more information than what you can take guesses at by watching the trailer. We basically can see the same thing. However he does get to ask the question: what are the factions? To which he received smiles and was told we wouldn’t be disappointed. Oh well, we’ll just have to sit and wait.

How long? Predictions were originally at 2012. Mainly speculations from at least sources that know what they are looking at, are thinking 2013. That’s a long fricken time.

So in 2 to 3 years, what is in stake for the niche players of Warhammer genres:

Players like me are probably going to stick with WAR. Not only because of our Warhammer fandom, but mainly because of the massive PvP. Even short of the RvR, I do enjoy the gameplay, the stability and to a degree, the community. I think the other couple hundred thousand of us feel close to the same thing. There really isn’t something out there to take us away. Doesn’t keep players like myself from looking though. I’m sure a good deal of us, are trying some mature game out. And quite a few of us jump as soon as something seemingly big releases. Like me, you probably have a copy of Aion Online sitting on your shelf that caused you to slow down in WAR just for a small time.

I, for one, am extremely excited about Dark Millennium. The few pictures and glimpses I can see make me happy. It’s graphically awesome to me; it’s dark (despite the awful opinions of some), and it looks immense so far. My current times of drooling and daydreaming on what the glory of W40K will be, it brings me to wonder, what does that mean for WAR?

Say this is 2012, and W40K: DM is about to release, what type of state is WAR in for? To me, I’m pretty sure SWTOR is probably going to help kill its partner before that takes place. But even with SWTOR in existence, you still have the Warhammer nerds and the fans of Mythic RvR. Will SWTOR be able to actually pull those players away? From everything I am seeing with SW now, I’m not sure of its RvR or PvP aspect, if at all any. The signs of BioWare Developers playing WAR leads us to believe it’s coming. But I’m not sold on the graphics and content of the game. I know WAR wasn’t really praised all that well, but I felt the graphics were amazing for an MMO. Besides an Aion Online, and to a degree EQII type asian games, not too many MMOs are boasting graphics that are decent, let alone fantastic. I thought WAR did a great job for a 2008 game. When I watch anything SWTOR, I feel as though I am in 2005. I’m just not impress graphically and content wise yet.

When I see the trailer and gameplay of W40K though, I am throughly impressed. To a point at which I feel as though it was all a giant movie, and they just added some fake UI to make us think it was game play. At some points, I wasn’t sure if it was Dark Millennium or the upcoming RPG, Space Marine that I was viewing. W40K is not getting a lot of hype yet. It might not ever, don’t know. But based on WAR being a genre of niche players, and SW, is going to be the same, it seems to me that W40K is ultimately going to release and have the trump card for winning all those niche-like players.

I wonder how much of that very possible reality is effecting EA decisions. Is a simple trailer from THQ/Vigil on W40K enough to completely destroy any future plans for WAR, saying that there were big plans. I know, Red Plague and all that jazz; Live Event or Expansion it’s in the works apparently. However, realistically if you place you feet in the shoes of Darth Vader (I’m assuming he’s running EA), you look at WAR’s timeline and somewhere you are just going to have to be realistic. You have little less than 300K (maybe) in subscriptions. You are already putting most of your eggs in SWTOR. Despite it’s release, you’ll still have WAR subscriptions. Mostly composed of Warhammer fan boys, RvR enthusiast (saying SWTOR lacks it) and just those unwilling to leave their 80s behind. But then in another year, you are going to be facing W40K. So if SWTOR didn’t remove those fan boys, another Warhammer genre surely will.

That’s really the simple outlook (simple as in the mindset of the blogger thinking it :D). And the truth of the matter in the Table Top version of Warhammer; we only all really like 40K, we just have Fantasy armies because we wanted some variety. If Mythic had 40K, and THQ was building Fantasy, I (and I am sure many other TT players) would be a lot less excited. Still excited though I am sure.

Just my thought process for today,


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