Warhammer Online: Mr. Meh Suggestion Box

Somewhere last year, I started to not only send ridiculously long suggestions through feedback to Mythic, I then started to post them on my blog. I got to about #4, with much praise and collection from other players, but somewhere along the way, I just let the idea rest away. After seeing a great deal of subscriptions and reads on these pages daily in my most recent statistics, it has occurred to me that these ideas might eventually in some way make their way to Mythic’s eyes. In some cases, many of the original ideas are in some way implemented.

So I have taken a second look to clean up some old ideas before working on some new ideas. Feel free to comment and critique:

Suggestion #1: PvE Dungeon Raiding Group Finder

Issue: PvE Dungeon Groups are not as easy to find as compared to a RvR group. If you want to go RvR, you simply can open the ‘Open Warband’ icon and find out exactly what groups are around, how many they have, and how far the leader (time wise) is away from you. Uses of mods like SOR (State of the Realm), WAR Report, or just looking at the maps the old fashion way, you can find out which Realm has action, go there and join in right quick. It’s probably the single greatest glory of this MMO; you can find quick action now. 

For PvE however, the result of instant action isn’t as easy. The issue is with the population PvE dungeon players wanting to find faster ways to get into a group for a dungeon besides guild or alliance grouping. The current abilities of the group finding is not useful in this manner.

Solution: The Open Party Window had a section built into it for finding groups world-wide. I don’t believe it has ever worked, or no one knows how to use it, or no-one is using it. The main point is, if you suddenly have the desire to want to run Gunbad, there are probably at least another 5 people on right this second that would like to as well. To me, the World Party Tab should list groups by interest rather than location of the leader. I should be able to create a group, label the goal as ‘Lost Vale’ and then show up under this tab as:

Nihk (Disciple of Khaine 40)  Lost Vale  (1/6)

Despite where ever I am located. People can join on the group and chat and make arrangements from there. As well, you are showing others interest. So maybe, you have had the interest set for the last 30 minutes, but instead of just sitting and spamming local, you can run some Scenarios, and then that 5/6 group can recruit you. As they know you are interested by your interest sitting right in this window. As well, like any other group, you can attach /groupnote if special circumstances are needed for your case.

On that suggestion, since it is for dungeons, the option to have the listing show Wards along with basic information would be nice. Not to discredit new players, but PuG PvE can be difficult, as many times newer players may not understand the difference in having 1 ward versus all the wards. That way the group can tell what they are recruiting. Example:

Nihk (Disciple of Khaine) (40) (Greater Ward)  Lost Vale Interest (1/6)

A simple suggestion to help pickup use of PvE in the game as well as reducing spam and more over, making the game quicker pace for the impatient gamer base that the game appeals to.

Suggestion #2: Strategic Open RvR Lake Changes 

Issue: Battlefield Objectives and Keeps feel more of a grind then having a purpose. Though it’s clear this wasn’t the entire intention from defense timers and lockouts. In many cases, locking a zone by domination, means having a WB watching every single BO, WC, and secret PvE route possible. Incredibly boring and a moral killer to top it; heaven forbid a BO gets ninja’d. Though without the timers, zone locks were near impossible, so the judgement isn’t to be passed there.

I believe the issue lies with the overall purpose of the Battlefield Objectives (BOs). The inability to guard it well, and it’s almost seemingly useless purpose, other than 800 Renown in 3 minutes. They pose no challenge or purpose beyond zone control to a degree. And just like Keeps, they are pockets of PvE that grant some Renown bonus. The setup of the RvR lake was to show a progression in the push to a Fort to raid the Cities. Ony 2 cities exist and Forts were removed, but that doesn’t take from the fact that, the progression in attack and defense relies on zone locks, rather than focal points that were supposed to be objectives.

The original point was, for you to get to point C from A, you needed point B. There is nothing that keeps me from taking Morr’s even if I don’t control Wilhelm’s as a Destruction Army. Now what sense does that make? I want Altdolf, and I already control the closest stronghold to the city, but for some reason, we need to take a now useless objective to the North in the opposite direction? On that thought process, I control a Keep with Siege, Oil and Stone for Walls, why should I get slaughtered for the control of some old Dwarf Tents? The Lakes don’t contain progression, the big maps do, but the smaller picture does not.

Solution A: Tactical BO Arrangements.

Originally about 2 years ago when I watched the first podcast on RvR and Keeps, I seem to remember BOs being described as landmarks to capture for the sole purpose of opening up the ability to assault the keep. Meaning to assault one keep you had to capture 2 specific BOs. The BOs acted as a staging ground, which makes sense. My suggestion here is: change it so that holding that BO grants an advantage to taking a keep, not so much the ability.

So if my groups’ ultimate goal was to take a particular keep, I would first want to take BO #1, and that would grant the ability to plant siege cannons at the keep. And capturing BO #2, would grant the platforms for a Ram. So not having the BO, doesn’t prevent me from just banging on a keep with my axe, but not having it is a major pain and delay. Further more, just having one, still gives me some advantage as I can build cannons. And even further more, it presents a defensive ability. As in a WB takes 2 BOs runs to the keep bangs on the first door, mean while the opposing army, outnumbered or unable to get into the keep due to gank squads goes and takes a BO back. Then the attacking army goes into the inner to find … no ram pad. This means, assaulting a keep now becomes a multi-point strategic plan. Holding those BOs is as important during the assault as they were before taking them.

Solution B: Elimination of Warcamps

If Warcamps are a staging point, why do anything other than just ride to the gates of Altdorf or IC? Retire the archaic idea of Warcamps. They were there as a transition point for RvR to PvE. 2 years later, the amount of Chapter PvE usage is probably very minimal; their use is un-needed. The idea here is to make the Keeps, the new Warcamps. Capturing a Keep now truly does become a staging point, as its control allows flight points for reinforcements and is the direct point from which attacks and defences can be made. Every court yard’s area is large enough with the addition of a flight master, quartermaster and mission granting NPCs.

Invading a new zone for the first time means having to actually travel from the captured zone to the invaded zone. Other notes; when a keep is under attack, the flight point is not available; you can’t fly right into a keep that is under attack. When choosing the zone you want to fly into from the flight master, you will be given options on which keep you would like to land in. Old Warcamps will still have a flight masters, but they will only be usable when the zone is controlled, for those that really want to go to their favorite questing area.

Solution C: Roaming NPC Armies

Many of my ideas purposes were to be easy (I know, nothings really easy), but easy in a way that meant it’s not going into an expansion. This idea is not one of those ‘easy’ ones. It’s really complicated from an AI and collision detection stand point.

The issue is, that advancements with the underdog system and zone locks have helped influence RvE. Once in a while, forces collide and fun is had; even if you lose. But for the vast majority, realm RvR, is mostly a battle to just not fall behind and miss the first tick. 2 to 3 WBs can meet up and just about roll over whatever they like, as if they were locust on our delicious crops. So, the purpose here is to not only give the ability to the out-numbered opposers a chance, but to make the Door that more challenging for the Zerg.

Introduce a moving NPC army. These NPCs will be lead by a Hero and to start with, some basic Champion Guards. No matter the population, this Hero group patrols the zone they are in. And have the distinct probability of colliding with the opposing NPC Group, eventually.

As hot spots pick up on the Map, the Heroes and its Routine will be attracted to those areas, slowly but surely. Every interval of time (first thought is every 3 mins) the server will do a population count in the RvR lake, based on the difference of players, the outnumbered realm’s Hero will be granted more Champions to their routine. Effectively 1 champion addition per 3 unmatched players.

The idea is that a WB versus a half a WB defending a keep should be a close match saying there are decent upgrades to the keep. An encounter with the roaming NPCs, will give a small opportunity for the defenders to make their big move. If defending forces begin to be outmatched, the system’s population counter will add extra NPCs to the roaming army. This will help add a possible moment in which a defending WB might have a chance against say 3 WBs if the roaming NPC army showed up with extra 16 Champion with the base Hero and 4 Champs (21 NPC altogether). Not a giant challenge to 3 WBs; but enough to give that 1/2 WB a glimmer of support.

As well, in terms of countering very large attacking forces that face little to no resistance, the system can spawn mounted NPCs armies to help add more excitement to the battle. As the keep attack may not last long enough for a walking NPC to reach in time. After the defeat of the roaming NPC army, there will be a cooldown and the force will respawn near the zone edges after the timer resets.


Still working on the other past suggestions, as well as some new ideas,

2 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Mr. Meh Suggestion Box

  1. Really like all those suggestions Mr.Meh.

    I would like to see the Open World Party window used more. Are players using it? Who knows? I doubt it. I’d like a window to trigger on log in that asks you what you might be interested in whilst also showing you what groups are formed/forming already.

    I like the RvR ideas, using BOs as keys for attacking keeps, and, using keeps as staging grounds for advancing throgh a pairing. I had a similar idea recently on my blog of having two phases for RvR, 1st phase was fight for control of the keeps, which are then used as staging posts in phase 2 for attacking the forts.

    Good post, Mister.

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