Fair thee Well, Sir

I don’t really check my Twitter like a good blogger should. So I found out through Bootae.

Out of all the faces I was sure that wouldn’t leave our spotlight, this one I didn’t expect: the excitable face of many podcast and associate producer, Josh Drescher, is no longer with EA Mythic.

Though this may greatly suck for you, Josh, we most undoubtably know it sucks worse for us. I know that doesn’t pay the bills, but the sentiment is all the same.

I, and I’m sure most of the active community, hope to see your name attached to something we surely would enjoy in the future in the gaming world. Your envolvement on any project will definately lead me to that purchase. I wish you the best.

To EA: Short of Mr. Drescher being the result of countless viruses on the network due to excessive porn downloads, I, Mr. Meh would like to grant yet another … I hate you. 


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