Warhammer Online: Tale of Re-Nubbing #3

When I left my multitude of Order toons on Badlands Server, I spent some time deciding what I wanted to do. I wanted to keep playing WAR, but to an aspect of experiencing the joy I once really had in the game. Deciding on my next server was a bit difficult. I even contemplated buying a new copy of the game and account to roll Destro on Badlands, just to experience the guilds I admired so much from Phoenix Throne to Badlands. 

I decided to re-roll onto Gorfang Destro based on my admiration of multiple bloggers to the right column on the side of my page. I’ve only recently reached T4 with my DoK. And last night I ran into a great deal of my favorite bloggers. And even killed by my first blogger of WAR that I subscribed to.

I would have hoped our first encounter would have been more … interesting. Meh, what are you going to do when you are 32 and helpless. The screenshot was actually the only Scenario we were in that was awfully one-sided. For the most part, Destro PuGs did a pretty decent job. There was multiple times where our Destro groupings of lowbies did very well against full 40s. But we had a nice wake up call against the above Order premade. Thankfully it was our only encounter in the evening and we lowbies got to PuG group it again for most of the night.

However the amount of ignorance I witnessed in the night, made me cringe. In multiple scenarios, I would just watch our meleess (more than 4) pound on 2 IBs with 3 Healers just standing right behind them. I mean, wow, “what the hell are you guys doing?!?” Even if you’re new, you definitely should have learned that lesson long ago in T2; that Dwarf with a shield ain’t dying anytime soon with even one healer around. Sigh.

As I have been trying to hold my ground on staying a Melee Heal DoK, it is becoming more and more apparent that there isn’t enough veteran healers on Gorfang Destro (atleast in PuGs) to keep that going. I guess, I foolishly assumed that a 2 year old game basically has nothing but veterans playing; and I assumed Destro Gorfang was like Order Badlands. They are not. Gorfang has an extremely high population of new players. I’m in a guild with nothing but newbs, minus our leader.

It was amusing how my group of a Mara, Choppa and Sorc were impressed with the short amount of time I was able to keep them alive. So I started 2 Scenario with 2 swords, but by bedtime I was holding my T3 purple chalice. Ah, I guess patterns repeat. I about to make essentially my 4th Warrior Priest. Sigh.

Now the real problem is … I’m in a noob guild. They don’t have bank vaults with 50 Gold Bags of Annihilator and Conquerer gear. I’m going to have to PuG grind that stuff myself. And getting a gold bag when you captured a keep with 4 Warbands, is not going to equip me anytime soon.

I have some thinking to do, how to get Annihilator quick, and then how to find my way into B/B grinds for a full Sentinel set.

2 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Tale of Re-Nubbing #3

  1. Apparently we have met! Sorry, been slacking on your posts obviously. Sorry for running you over, and not realizing it.

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