Warhammer 40K Online: Dark Millennium Revealed

I can’t stop salivating. Vigil has released on their website a YouTube posting of the trailer they are playing for E3.

I guess what’s important to remember about searching for information on Warhammer 40K Online: It now has a name. It’s Dark Millennium. Not to be confused with THQ’s other awesome game coming to release Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, a 3rd person RPG. Vigil has setup a site just for the game: www.darkmillenniumonline.com.

Other than the trailer, there is this nifty new background with a ‘Black Templar’ Space Marine.

I use quotes, because it resembles a Black Templar, but I have never seen any paint renditions with use of red lines like that before. And the dark grey instead of black. All of which I love and want to paint now.

At the new website you’ll find some other graphics, and this small tid bit about the game:

On the very edge of the galaxy lies the Sargos Sector. For centuries it was rendered uninhabitable and isolated by volatile Warp Storms. Even now, deep within the sector the very fabric of reality is unraveling. Only the ancient Sentinel Devices hold the Warp at bay.

But the ravages of time and meddling of humanity have weakened the Sentinel Devices-and now, the battle for these lost worlds is at hand. Drawn to the conflict, the great races of the galaxy descend upon the Sargos Sector, seeking to preserve reality-or to tear it asunder.

Side with the forces of Order, or the vile hosts of Destruction, in a war that will unlock ancient secrets, reveal dark purposes, and determine the fate of the Sargos Sector. For in this dark millennium, there is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter.

I so want to be apart of this community. Not that we would get permission to do so, but I really want to start a fansite for this MMO, to get a forum going and get a community built and ready. Yep, still salivating.

3 thoughts on “Warhammer 40K Online: Dark Millennium Revealed

  1. Doesn’t something there make you stop for a moment? Re-read the little game info text they provided — especially the first sentence of the last paragraph.

    Forces of Order?

    Forces of Destruction?


    Are we getting punk’d? Is this a prank? I don’t like the sound of that … one … bit.

    • Exactly why I posted it.

      They movie states in dialog on the Imperium defeneding against Chaos and Xenos (Orcs pictured). The movie alone makes you think atleast there is a 3 way battle.

      Then you read this and you see …. the mistake of WAR.

      The other piece that we might be overlooking, how much PvP will there be? I mean, what’s the chance that they aren’t just building a giant PvE game with some small PvP as an afterthought (or at all). The RvR of Mythic has spoiled us with PvP and massive battles. What’s the likelihood that THQ/Vigil uses a PvP engine? I’m thinking this will be mostly a PvE. That’s my first guess. We shall see though.

      • WAR is my first MMO but in the time since it’s launched I like to think I’ve learned a great deal about this industry. Overall, it seems a majority of players prefer PvE. And when you look at a great number of current mainstream MMO’s they are PvE based or heavily slanted that way.

        WoW has Battlegrounds and some PvP in it, but I’ve heard that it’s really lame. Minimal consideration was given to class balance and the majority of players do the gobbs of PvE stuff and raids.

        I am starting to agree with this logic that more players if given a choice, would select PvE. It’s easier. Once you figure it out you know how to beat it over and over. PvP requires different thinking, strategy, and tactics moreso than figuring out the pattern of attacks a Boss does at the end of a dungeon.

        I enjoy PvP a lot and that’s why I play WAR. But sadly I think we are in the minority. 40k should have kick-ass PvP on a massive scale … but we’ll have to wait and see as more info comes out.

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