Warhammer Online: Mr. Meh’s Loading Screen Tip #4

Mr. Meh’s Loading Screen Tips of Awesome Useless Lore Facts #4: Greenskins

You can’t insult an Orc’s mum. He doesn’t have one. Greenskins are born from mystical spores.

Greenskins hierarchies are fairly easy to follow. Basically the bigger and meaner you are, the higher you are on the chain. Goblins are quite mistreated and even in some cases considered emergency food reserves for Orc when food becomes sparse. For this reason, many great uses of Goblins are found in the Tabletop version of the game. From Fanatics that hop on psychedelic shrooms for fearless rampages to their deaths; to becoming the winged pilot guiding in an attached bomb, goblins have basically no fear of perishing in battle. As if they survive, they may just be Orc dinner anyway.

Using Orcs on the Tabletop is fun and frustrating at the same time. Orc’s have amazing toughness and wound capability. And many units’ strength alone allows them to kill basically whatever they like. However the trade-off is the dreaded ‘Anamosity’ factor. Orcs and Goblins are easy to squabble with one another. Each turn the army must make a dice roll to figure out whether or not they can do anything at all. I was always a horrible dice roller, I hated my Orc Army, and in under 2 months and $200 wasted, I switched to a Bretonnian Army.

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