Mr. Meh says …

Preconceived notions can be difficult. I can understand that the world wants to make things simple. And in gaming, the community wants to make things simple as well. They want shield bearing, guarding friendly tanks. They want heal spec’d healers. And they want basically 1 button to smash that grants them ungodly damage. So I can somewhat understand the spite that people have when they see the 2 handed tank, or the dual wield Disciples.

Now they have no idea, I have 3 WPs, and basically the only reason I am on a Disciple of Khaine is so that I can do the Melee Heal the right way. Because the WP just doesn’t cut it in that field in my opinion. I guess I shouldn’t expect some unkind comments for trying to do so. I finally, after about 45 minutes of waiting, make it into a Live Event Scenario. When the scenario is about to start, the roster for us is quite sad. Basically a full group of tanks, and my group with 2 Witch Elves and 3 tanks. And then looking at the other side, Order has nothing but 40s and pretty damn balance. Can you say pre-made ass rape is coming?

Well, I guess in that 30 seconds you get to sit there watching what names came in to kick your ass; you, if you so happen to be a disgruntled Witch Elf, can talk some nasty nasty mean shit. 

“Great, we have one healer and he is a loldp.”
“Dude, take it from an 80 DOK, get a purple charm, and heal”
“We lost before this even started”
“Just because you can have 2 blades, doesn’t mean you should”

I didn’t respond. I was torn; either let her die lots for a being a jerk, or make her your target of heals, and never let her die. None of the tanks were nice enough to guard me or the Hags. So the latter plan might not be possible.

Well, I’m guessing Order was not premades, however the 2 different groups weren’t communicating either. One went north, the other south, we (all 12) went to the center and waited. The first 6 man of Order came rushing in, 2 Slayers first, support in the back (2 BW, 2 Healers). I just followed behind the first WE, and of course the BWs locked right on her. My damage and heals just ripped through one BW. Enough to keep the WE alive, barely, but alive. The other WE, just shredding the healers. They all quickly wiped as a swarm of Chosen came in making short work of the Slayers without heals. Not 5 seconds later, the next 6 man order comes in. Same result, as if we practiced this play book. For the next 10 mins, Order 6 mans just trickled across the bridge, perishing each in 7 seconds.

During the events I was watching the scoreboard. Seeing that Order couldn’t stay alive, my heals from the aura alone was winning in heals, but to my ability to just pound on the nearest target, not worried about hitting tanks with shields, I was sadly the top DPS as well. Again, possibly because of the Aura.

Just as the Scenario ended. I had ready a perfectly typed out response to the Witch Elf I had been formulating the whole Scenario:

“Hmmmmm…Top Heals and Damage! Just because you have 2 blades and can get to 80 like everyone else, doesn’t mean you aren’t the lolDPS. Thanks for the Arpeees though kthxbai :D”

2 side notes: I don’t have a single RR80. I’m not everyone else. Also, the DoK is beyond OP. I’m guessing the same could be said about heal spec Warrior Priest, but so far, I’m really sad for the WP. I’m also really sad that Devastator is the last DPS DOK set before Warlord. I might actually be a horrible heal spec without even wanting to.

Mood: Sad, and unwilling to take off my Devastator set until I find a reasonable solution to being a bad healer.


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