Warhammer Online: Loading Screen Tip from Mr. Meh #3

Mr. Meh’s Loading Screen Tips of Awesome Useless Lore Facts #3: Altdorf

Altdorf is the center focus for all the Empire, containing both the centers of thought and religion. The city is built on seven small islands contained in the center of the Reik river. Each island contains a special portion to the city; whether that be a College of Magic, the University of Altdorf, or the College of Engineers. Altdorf was built close to the original location of Reikdorf, home to the tribe of Unberogen and to Sigmar Heldenhammer the First.

An interesting note about the name Altdorf: in German, altdorf simply means old (alte) town or village (dorf). Every city (other than those that didn’t survive WWII) have a section called an altdorf or an Alten Dorf. It’s like saying “we are going downtown.”

Wir gehen zu altdorf !

Say that the next time you are sitting in Reikland waiting for the lock,


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