The iPhone: For those that don’t think ahead

I love my iPhone. It’s sleek, it’s slim, it’s light and it about does everything unproductive that I could ever hope to do. I’m actually not a big Apple fan. But when it came down to picking a new phone, I just didn’t like the feel of anything other than the iPhone. It’s ease and responsiveness was a big advantage. I was a decade long Verizon customer and even after playing with the Droid, I still jumped ship to AT&T.

My friends … all still Verizon users, and most of them in Droids. Our point of conversations at our routine meetings for beer and rants generally turn into debates; for which smart phones are the single greatest debate ender ever. And of course the shit talk always erupts when both our phone types are out at the same time.

“Oh, how trendy of you. You and your iPhone. How’s that new data plan?”

“Actually it will save me $5 a month because 2GB a month is a fucking lot. I like your giant muscles from having lift that thing. You know, you don’t need a protective cover the phone, we really need rubber walkways just incase you drop that brick.”

And besides friends, I work in the defense world, which is dominated by the BlackBerry. The BlackBerry rules the smartphone world. But it really shouldn’t. It’s so archaic, it’s not user-friendly, it’s just been in use so long, people became used to it.

If only Apple would seize the basic features, it could easily rule the market. I mean, how hard is it to allow you to forward a meeting request? That is basically the only thing the phone is missing.

In any respects, Penny-Arcade was nice enough to give me the insight I needed into the debut of the Gen 4 iPhone. And it makes you think, really? Alright, I just have to read the entire story.

I mean, really? Apple, you didn’t consider bandwidth usage? You didn’t setup one specific protected data line just for the damn iPhone he was showing off? That’s hilarious.

I haven’t really been watching all that intently. I could really care less about the new phone, but I did read one article about the new video teleconference ability will usher in a new age of phone use. Then I read how that ability will only be available in Wi-Fi. Facepalm.


One day, one day, Apple. You’ll just simply add the very basic features of a BlackBerry and hopefully not come up with great new ideas with horribly moronic executions and you will be the giant monopoly company we all grow to despise. But until then, we will just have to watch you crash into walls, and still, still we will buy your crap. Because it’s just so … stylish.


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