Warhammer Online: Lore and Gender Mass Confussion

I have been trying to come up with more lore based Loading Screen Tips throughout this month. And the more I get into it, the more I see how very far-fetched the WAR universe is from the politics and lore of the actual Warhammer universe. I come to a stand still on ideas. I just find myself thinking about an idea, researching to make sure I am on the right path and then scratching the idea, becaue it is too complicated. I ended up doing the same thing to the minds of some young new enthusiast of the game, who were just coming into Warhammer Online and the Warhammer world for the first time.

Not only were they just a day ago finding out I was actually a 2 year veteran of the game, helping in both closed and open beta, but that I was actually quite the Warhammer Table Top Nerd myself less than a decade ago. Three of the members were really getting excited about the actual lore; going about trying to find Unlocks to read about the items and history they found. It’s been a long time since I saw anyone in this game talk about something besides RvR. I remember a day when we praised the Tome of Knowledge as the single greatest achievement of any MMO. As they discovered new items, especially difficult ones that I lead them to, as I myself tried to remember where they were for titles and tokens; they became more and more into discussing the Warhammer world itself.

“Why aren’t there male Witch Elves?”

I tried to explain how Mythic actually tried to quickly inset an Assassin class, that was nothing more than the Witch Elf as a male, but just didn’t have the time nor the desire to finish it. During Open Beta you could find drops on equipment for Assassins, as well as Hammerers. Those were quickly removed as found though.

“But no, why aren’t there any male Witch Elves in Warhammer?”

Me: Oh, well lore is a different story… Witch Elves are otherwise known as the Brides of Khaine. They sacrifice lives to his name and this grants them eternal beauty and strength. Witch Elves are only female, because they dedicate their sexual worship to only Khaine.

To which the one male Sorc replied, “That’s dumb that they didn’t finish the Assassin. You have to make/give gender options. But you have to keep the Lore good if you make a game like this.”

Me: That’s actually kind of funny coming from what you are playing. There is actually no such thing as a Male Dark Elf Sorcerer.

“What!!?? Why?”

Me: Malekith, the Witch King doesn’t allow Dhar magic studies beyond his close circle of female sorceresses. He is ‘supposedly’ the only male dark elf that knows any Dhar Magic. His fear is that males easily fall in love with power and greed, and exposure of any sort to the winds will easily soduce them into Chaos.

“What’s wrong with Chaos, they are Dark Elf allies?”

Me: No, not beyond this world. Malekith’s number one enemy is Chaos. You are more likely to see Malekith hug Karl Franz then share a mile with a Chaos Lord. He hates Chaos with a great a stong passion. It is his whole purpose.

“But the High Elves are his enemy.”

Me: That’s only because they fight back. He only wants to capture Ulthuan. If he did and they surrendered, he would just rule the elf world. If he conquered Chaos Waste he do nothing short but set everything on fire; twice. In fact, his sole purpose for setting up Naggaroth where he did was to setup extremely well fortified wall of Dark Fortresses on the border of the Chaos Waste, to keep Chaos Forces from attacking Ulthuan.

“Well can the Orcs be Dark Elf friends.”

Me: Yeah. They make horrible slaves. And they’ll follow you if you take them to the Waaagh. Orcs will pretty much ally with whoever. If they don’t make good slaves, then you are a suitable ally for the Dark Elves; so long as you are willing to go first. Greenskins are welcomed friends, and even Skaven. Dark Elves are about the only force able to ally with them.

“I’m so confused now.”

LMAO. Well then we won’t even get into how Malekith’s mother, Morathi is actually a secret Slaanesh Sorceress and is planning to over throw Naggaroth in Malekith’s absense. And there is acutally a Dark Elf civil war taking place against Morathi’s Pleasure Cult and the vast followers of Khaine.

“Warhammer is confusing.”

That’s what happens when you gather a collective of nerdy creative people over a 30 year span and allow them to write whatever they want.


6 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Lore and Gender Mass Confussion

  1. Good stuff!

    Making “bad guys” align isn’t really as difficult as it may sound. Sure, the Dark Elves and Chaos don’t mix, but in both realms’ quest for power, they could use one another to reach said end.

    If in the end, Destro wins the Age of Reckoning … the Empire, Dwarfs, and High Elves defeated … how long before the Dark Elves, Chaos, and Greenskins turned on one another?

    The good guys? Just like in Lord of the Rings, old, dead alliances can be reforged for the greater good.

    I agree though, that the Warhammer lore has been twisted on its ear to make the game work … but I guess it sort of had to for the game’s purpose. It is funny how people who have never heard of the TT game or its lore react when they learn about it.

    I hope that one day when the 40k MMO comes out … they stick to the lore.

    • Yeah. I think Mythic really missed a key opportunity to have this a 3 way battle from the start.





      Dark Elf/Skaven/Greenskins

      But that’s the DAoC’er in me.

      • Heh, was reading Krosuss’ post when I thought exactly that. They went to such great lenghts to make the two sides work (elfs-dwarfs, DE-chaos for example) when they could have created a 3 way struggle easily. Oh well

        Good to hear some lore tho. I was very much new to Warhammer lore (knew a bit about WH40k) and I learned most through WAR, so my perspective might be a bit skewed now. :(

      • Exactly.
        But then, we are all skewed in a way.

        It will be interesting to see how Vigil/THQ goes with Warahammer 40K. We don’t really know much. E3 will hoepfully change that.

        Another big point to Mythic. The amount of communication they use, is beyond any other company. Far beyond.

  2. Weeeell…

    There was a time when we got nothing for 3 months or so, remember that? There have been patches in the past (WAR at least, didn’t play DaoC) where their communication wasn’t the best to say the least.

    But I do agree, lately it’s been awesome. They just need to let more bloggers know they are listening to their ideas (like me! Listen to me, I know shit!). :P

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