Warhammer Online: Being a Fake Noob

I recently re-rolled a Disciple and Black Guard on the server Gorfang. My progression has been slow as I have been trying to enjoy RvR at low levels. Along the way I have found a new and growing guild. This guild is looking more and more family like by the day. It started with a spunky Witch Elf chatting it up. It then led to more outgoing Sorcs joining in, and now there is a collective of more and more members getting riled and excited.

Just yesterday the guild hit rank 15, and everyone could wear a cloak. No emblem, but they could wear the cloak. Just equipping the cloak and seeing the 3 alliance symbols of a basic cloak took me back. It’s been well over a year since I’ve worn one. It reminded me of my time on Chaos Waste with the guild Altdorf Saints, which I loved the idea by the way. It was an amazing collective for a time, one I was sad to see disappear practically overnight.

But the excitement itself is really influenced by the massive population of newer players. Which I am myself very happy to see. I didn’t realize more than 4 exist at a time. Our guild has plenty. And there is something about being the experience beside them. You can have 40s in the same guild like we do. But if you aren’t beside them, there isn’t much advice other than just advice you can give.

I never really revealed that I was a veteran of the game. But the newer players could tell. It didn’t take them long to know. We setup a T3 Scenario premade. And by premade, I mean a group that just queued together. There is nothing premade about 3 Sorcs, 2 Witch Elves and a Disciple. So at the start of the first SC, my advice was, we were all going to die, and die a lot. Kill something respawn if not rezzed and wait for the others, don’t trickle. These tanks aren’t very strong yet. They will fall right apart to you Sorcs. Lets just focus them and then move through like butter. Just stay close. So no cast, just DoTs and AOEs. Keep with me and the Witch Elves, I need you close to heal.

So after about 4 Scenarios, with basically no deaths but a couple of ‘accidents’ (meaning I got so caught up in killing, I forgot to throw some love at the Sorcs killing themselves) and there wasn’t one SC where I wasn’ the top heals and damage; the question comes from one of the Witch Elves, “This is your first Rodeo is it?”

Then I tell them about my 3 level 40 Warrior Priests and my other 40s experiences. “So why are you hanging with a kind of noob guild?” First, an elite guild is not impressed just that you have a high rank toon somewhere else, you are still a noob here. Secondly, having fun is way more interesting. I’d love for us to be able to do this in T4. It won’t, because a real premade would rip that group design in half, but we can have a our fun in T3 while we have it.

On an even brighter note, T3 ORvR was actually hopping last night. Some organized Order showed up out of no where. There were defeats and there were victories. It was a blast. I can only hope they do it again tonight. Vae Victus, if you read this, come back out tonight. You guys are worth lots of renown.


3 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Being a Fake Noob

    • Thanks,

      I’m actually in and almost out of T3. Nihk, the DoK is 29, and has lead a couple of WBs in the past week. Most of which were kind of successful. Vae Vistus is a beast of a WB for Order. T3 is dead for the most part, so I have been grinding LOTD in my time.

      Nikh, the BG, is a bit more fun and challenging to play. So OP with a shield, but I just want to use a 2 hander so bad. Decent DPS so far. He’s 19 as of last night, so I’ll be in T3 for some time yet.

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