Warhammer Online: A Tale of Re-Nubbing #2

I have my Disciple up to level 28 as of logging off last night. I really should be in T4 by now, enjoying or experiencing some kind of RvR. Whether that is RvDoor or not, I really not care after this weekend’s experience in T3. For the past half week Teir 3, RvR is completely dominated by Destruction forces. A WB of roaming destro forces looks for any action it can find. A small group of Order can’t take a BO without suffering a humiliating and moral breaking defeat.

This really doesn’t help either side accumulate any RR. I entered T3 a level 21 with RR 21 to match. By rank 28, I’m renown rank 22. T2 was interesting and the open RvR was fun. I’m guessing the lack of 2 doors is what made it that way. So why is T3 so dead and un-interesting?

No underdog system, no moving zones, maybe. You really can’t appreciate the major change to T4 that took place last Fall, until you try to RvR in a lower tier. When all three zones are red with a consistent Victory Point level of 70+, how demoralizing is it for Order when they can’t even take a BO. At the same time, how boring is the destruction experience? Spend a lot gold on Flights and on Wood for the door repairs, and never be able to properly flip a zone.

“Oh crap, Dwarf just flipped.”

“It flipped 20 minutes ago, don’t worry about it.”

“So what can we flip?”

“Nothing. Have to wait and hour and wait for the VPs to reset.”

I probably spent too much time in T2, because the RvR was fun. My last 2 levels in T3, will be punching through PvE grind to get to T4. And even then, I seem to remember in the past being anything below 40 was nightmare to enjoy, so I might grind PvE all the way to 40 and worry about Renown later. I would have rather ding 40 while having my renown at 39, but hey, this isn’t October 2008, this is June 2010.

I wonder how hard it would be to introduce a lower tier underdog system? I feel the need is greatly overlooked by the majority of players being entrenched in T4. There is just so much room for a true new player to the community being frustrated with the game before they even get to T4. I’m seeing those issues now as a “newb” from another server.

At the same time, my first experiences in Open RvR were close to nothing the first 2 months of the game. And I’m still here. So maybe there is hope.

I ended up taking both my characters from a 40 guild, that didn’t seem very … communicative. Seemed like we were there for gold taxes. No chat, no community, nobody on vent. Doesn’t seem like they do much. They are in an alliance of multiple 40 level guilds with massive numbers of players, yet I see very little about them grouping up for anything.

I took my toons and joined an active growing guild. It’s nice to be excited about the guild level again. Only level 14, so no guild scrolls yet, and that’s hard. But they are a decent community so far. And I’m happy to share and help where I can. I don’t know how long that will keep me, when I am 40 and I want to do more than PuG. But a good community is worth more than sweet gear anyway. But that’s for another time. There was one guild I hear great things about, and I had hopes to get in with them in my future career here on Gorfang; but then went and pissed off one of their guildmates during a keep take, so I may have cut those ties before even trying.

Basically, you have a Choppa. This Choppa had the right idea about taking advantage of being 31 and being able to ByPass defenses. He had the WB leader move more healers to his group and advised (to start with) them to group heal him while he tried to thwart Orders attempts to defend a keep they just finally ninja’d. Well, all 1/2 a Warband quickly discovered his presence and went right after him. His group of healers, right against the wall, spamming group heals. And I, I used my Squared Click abilities to direct heal this guy as much as possible. Without a guard, and surely as a Choppa against 6 or so at the same time, there isn’t much healing is going to fix. Not to mention group healing is very fickle when on different elevations.

That doesn’t stop him from being a complete douche on chat. That also doesn’t stop me from being a bigger one.

“Good, fine, enjoy the oil on your heads.”

“MMMMMmmmmm …. oil. Better than Aloe. How else am I supposed to keep this lush rich elvish hair flowing?”

Still, was worth it. I love bashing ass-hattery in all forms. Even myself when I get out of hand; which is all too common.

Pictures from this last weekend run for breast cancer, are still on the way. I have to help block photo edit the pictures of some people and company logos first.


4 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: A Tale of Re-Nubbing #2

  1. Heh, that happens to me often when I’m playing my lower level chars. Good thing that there are people to drag me down to the earth. I usually don’t resent anything unless they’re even more of an asshat than me, or they have no clue what they are talking about. A healthy fight is always good. :D

    Also, LotD killed T3. RIP. (someone queue up Video killed the radio star)

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