Warhammer Online: Loading Screen Tip Mr. Meh #2

Mr. Meh’s Loading Screen Tips of Awesome Useless Lore Facts #2: Nagarythe and the Black Arks

Dark Elves use massive floating fortresses called Black Arks to invade the lands of their enemies or future slaves. These Black Arks used to be the Castles and Palaces that were located within their former territory of Nagarythe to west arch of Ulthuan. Nagarythe, now desolate and unnaturally torn apart is now better known as the Shadowlands.

A little Dark Elf and Shadow Warrior lore since I am entrenching myself heavily with this awesome class I very much growing to love deeply, the Disciple of Khaine. And since I’m really trying to get that purple sword in T2 Elf, I’ve been spending a little too much time in Shadowlands.

I should probably cut out the lower tier RvR and grind the PvE to jump back into T4 fun again.


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