Warhammer 40K Online: The Too Distant Future

Too distant to predict, too distant to expect; good thing I’m a part time Librarian (Nerd 40K reference).

Not that you can watch intently yet. All we know is THQ won the rights and has assigned their child studio Vigil Studios to bring Warhammer 40K Online to frutition. What’s Vigil’s website say? (Mr. Meh paraphrase) ‘We are working on it, we will tell when we have something.’

Basically we know four things:

(1) Latest release date expectations being thrown about are for 2012. And if you are half way through 2010 without anything to show, I’m pretty sure you can go ahead and slip that to the right.

(2) E3 will be a big event. And apparently is the only place we will get to even see a concept art piece for this game. I can’t wait for mid-June.

(3) About the only insight into a unique MMO feature that this game is expected to have has been rumored to be flirting with squad control funtions. I’m not sure what this could mean. Maybe the idea is if you can’t find real friends, you can make them to run dungeons. Or maybe it will be just a multi control pet feature, like Drones in EVE.

(4) I’ve also heard that they want to bring over an idea from the tabletop that I would like to see, and that’s cover. Your placement to be behind cover and barriers will lower your chance to be hit.

This could be a fifth, but THQ has recognized the importance of vehicles in 40K, they haven’t confirmed whether you can be in one, but have confirmed that they will be a big part of the world.

Ultimately, until June 15ish, we probably won’t know squat. (Side note: I hope and also hope not, that they fit in Squats into the game somehow). Until then I’d rather just throw out my suggestions and wants to you, great developers of Vigil; you most certainly must read my wordpress blog, right? Or more like maybe a reader of mine, that might care to read. Or more like a poor individual that googled (it’s a word) more information on the game, and accidently got this mess of a blog.

And before jumping too deep in, I realize my vision is scewed differently as I love WAR and just really want your game to be that and all the more we hoped for. That’s not happenning, mainly due to you being two different companies, but a boy can hope. So I’ll just throw that disclosure out there.

As for what I would like to see or not see (mostly not see):

I would really don’t want to see the involvement of all races at the same time. Bring them in in expansions. I basically want to see to start maybe a three way battle. Imperial Guard with Space Marine support versus Chaos versus Tau. With that, however you organize, do multiple front wars and factions. Don’t force alliances that could never exist in the 40K world. Just because Chaos and Dark Eldar are seemingly evil, does not mean that evil like each other. As well, siding seemingly Good forces together is also upsetting.

I hope they don’t consider PvP as the after thought. PvE grinding is for Asian games and WoW. If players wanted that, they be playing those games. We’d really like to see a full throttle game that truely and I mean truely did PvPvE, not just as a marketing ploy; all content together. My idea would be interactive Mission Running with the enviroment. Instead of cookie cutter storyline missions and questing, you have missions assignments; but these assignments adjust as the battlefield control changes. That way, one; you aren’t grinding, two; you never really know what you will run into. Especially if the game were designed so that on each end, the NPC were assigning missions to players to have them purposely run into each other. I’m sure that’s some aweful coding involvment, but I’m dreaming here, stop using your logic.

I know games really want to write stories and have progression through missions. Honestly 1% of the player base reads the quest. You know it, we know it, put the writers to better use. I’m not reading all 500 words that Captain Spartikus wants to spurt about the horrible Tyranid beast he fought 3 years ago on that mountain that he’s sending me up to retrieve his lost journal of thoughts while pooping (I hope a wirter somewhere is revising his story to have Captain Spartikus, just to spite this blogger). I click him, there’s words that I don’t read, at the bottom is Objectives, Go to Mountain, Get Book, Collect your rewad by talking to this Guy. Just skip the story quest stuff of the earlier decade, it’s a new time, we expect interaction, not a classic RPG in our MMO gaming.

I’d really like to see them break the chain of the level system and tiers. I would much rather like to the see the ideas of modern FPS and rewards through rank. No levels, just rank and experience. Ranks to give you access to better and bigger stuff in the armory and experience points to spend in boosting your abilities. Basic example would allow the ability to all battle together, meaning a newbie could easily just join in, because our ranks only give us better access to more stuff, it doesn’t make your bullet hit 500x harder. Break the chains of horrible inaccuracy that we have just chosen to accept in our RPGs. Make an Elite Veteran that much better, but not impossible for a newb to have good time. Even Cypher could roll a Snake Eyes on the save (totally pulled out a TT 40K reference that no longer exist).

On that note, seeing that this will have guns and lots of it, I reall really really really with a deep passion, really really don’t want a cross hair 3rd or shitty 1st person shooter. Tabula Rasa sucked. Fallen Earth hasn’t completely fallen yet, but … it should. Shooting in this game will hopefully be like being a ranged in a hack and slash: tab target, ability to fire. I see cross hairs in a preview, I’m out, the game is dead to me. You can’t have an MMORPG shooter, it just can’t (or has yet to) be done properly. If you want to make an MMOFPS, I’m game, don’t mix them.

That’s all I have to share. Can’t wait for E3 to shatter all my crap imaginary plans,


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