Warhammer Online: The Tale of Re-Nubbing

I had a rather enjoyable holiday weekend. Being the week after the half marathon I trained for, it was the first time I had been able to just lounge and relax. IE: Play games all freaking weekend long.

Sure, I had to take a couple of breaks to eat . And at couple points my graphics card kept overheating and giving me a blue screen of massive death. But practical non-stop playing. Being the fat happy gamer again was refreshing and nice.

Though I logged on my WP at times, I found the lack of … anything, boring in no time flat. And used that excuse to extend my new project in a DoK (Disciple of Khaine). And seeing that this is my only toon on Gorfang (server), I will need to start from scratch. The one thing I regret most about my main on Badlands, is him being the Salvager instead of the Scavenger. Anyone can pickup an item and send it to a Salvager and yield you 200 Magic Essenses; but only a Scavenger can get you 200 Curios.

So though I am making the right decision now with my suited main being the scavenger, I still need nice Magic Essences. So I had to make another character to accompany the DoK. The 2 hander Black Guard has always looked amazing to me. It was my favorite unit on the table top too. Mainly because it broke the moral of anything it encountered. The table top unit boast giant halberdiers, no shields. I hear Great Weapon BGs are loldps. Too bad though. I need a salvager that makes me happy.

Along the way, I found myself also leveling the BG, with the DoK, due to gold. Things are expensive now. Which got me to thinking (it hurt a bit) during my adventures in T2, how different the game is now, to when I was first in T2 in Sept of ’08. When you look at the possibility of someone actually buying the game after trial, the depressing truth about the overwhelming disadvantage you have to face as a nub is quite the trial itself.

Beyond the fact that most talisman making mains have probably a crapload of purple talis, just ready for the day they make an alt. Not to mention, they run to the Auction House and buy every piece upto T4 that the toon will ever need. On top of that, I’m not really sure why Mythic would make the bags purchasable instead of rank earned. Other than to the fact they either realize that every low-level toon above 10 but below 40 is nothing more than someone’s alt and they have Gold to waste, or they really really really like to encourage Gold sales and spamming. What else are you trying to encourage here? Purchasable vault bags, makes sense, playing bags, ummmmm … I see how the Gold sales are really appetizing right now.

On top of that, being able to use a mount with boolster is also depressing for nubs on the server. Do you know how I can tell everyone is an alt beyond level 10 and no one is new? Because everyone has a mount at level 12 running about on the ORvR lakes. No rank 12 has 15G without an alt. It’s not possible. Guess how frustrating that aspect of the newbie experience is, when your whole WB can race around everywhere, and you are running it like a tool. And then you miss every BO capture, because you are 33% behind everywhere they go.

I know how to suicide and use the map with certain chapter locations to get where I need to be, but I can see where ‘real’ nubs could easily become increasingly frustrated. 

As experimenting (or stay) with Destro again, I noticed new aspects that I must have missed the first time with Destro over a year and half ago; the flight master mounts and animation for zone change is a 1,000 times better. I can still remember how laughable the old puppet flight away was. It made the ROFLcopter ride a spectacle of genius. The other is Bright Wizard attacks. On order side you might be standing next to a Bright Wizard, but you aren’t likely getting hit by one. Getting hit by a Fire Ball is overwhelmingly loud. To the point that the Sound Options under Settings, should be: Master, Music, FX, Effects, and Bright Wizard Fire Ball Exploding on Your Face.

Pictures in this article brought to you by the boredom that ensues while grinding BOs for influence, which is useless in T1 anyway.


4 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: The Tale of Re-Nubbing

  1. The loud sound you’re hearing is most likely Fiery Blast. When I throw Fireballs and they hit my targetl, I don’t hear anything. But when I throw Fiery Blast … it hits my main target and a bunch of mooks standing around him and it makes that explosion sound.

    I just rolled a DOK on Gorfang myself. I levelled him up to R5 last night and he is sitting in the warcamp in Nordland so I can RvR my way to Tier 2. Along the way I got some okay gear to simply make me look a bit more ready to do battle.

    • Maybe we can meet up in T2 and duo DoK them all.

      Loving the DPS so far. Far beyond the WP so far as I can tell at all of rank 15. However, I almost feel (I don’t feel like looking it up yet), that either the AP pool for the DoK is lower, or abilities cost more. I find myself timing and relying on the auto-attack, where I never cared with the WP.

  2. Halberd-wielding Black Guards are loldps? Whoever said that has never played with/against a decent Black Guard or are comparing everything to damage-output from sorc/bw.

    Black Guards can be really nasty in T4..but you need good equipment for it.

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