Warhammer Online: May Producer’s Letter and Armor


There it is. However, you already read it; there is no way that Mr. Meh is your goto WAR news source. Not unless The Onion is your goto world news source. Then maybe I am.

A Mr. Meh synopsis if you so please:

Blah blah blah, mushy thanks.

Blah blah blah, possible Zealot/Runepriest nerf or buffing coming.

Important part … armor customization and updated gear graphics.

“The reaction from the players was again, mixed. We were faced with a real dilemma, introduce the new armor art and make some players unhappy, or not introduce them and let the good work the artists had done, fixing bugs, fixing tint issues, and generally improving the armor progression cadence, go to waste. Unfortunately, the solution to find some way to introduce both systems simultaneously and let people pick would have taken an extraordinary amount of work and maintenance and is not something we considered as an option. So we’ve waited until the right time to introduce a new system that will accomplish what we think will satisfy both camps, as well as give you limitless other options.

Our solution is to introduce a new system that will let you set your armor and weapon appearance independently of your armor stats, so that you can look how you want to look and yet keep the statistics that you personally prefer. The goal is to give players the added benefit of having the new armor sets available to them, but the ability to change their appearance if they don’t like the way they look. We also think this will introduce a level of customization that players want to have for their characters. We will share more details around this system and the mechanics of how it works as we get closer to 1.3.6.”

I’m so happy, so happy indeed. Now, in all honesty I don’t read the forums. Two reasons: I can’t access them at work. And I can’t stand trolls and flames. Mainly because I am a Flaming Troll (not because of flamboyancy, just due to my fascination with fire and my appearance), and I don’t need more reasons to hate myself. So, I have no idea who is credited with the feedback that sparked this overwhelmingly delicious idea (::strums his fingers in unison::) . But I would like to think (hope) it sparked from that forum writer who read my blog post in October.

I’m having this moment of … ‘Holy shit, someone read my Blog, and it rolled into doing something.’
I’m also having this, ‘It wasn’t that creative, really anyone could have the idea if it so easily came to you.’ However, that does not stop me from re-reading my old Suggestion Box ideas and remembering this one:

Suggestion #3: Customization and Character Individuality


Solution A: Armor Skins

Not exactly the same. Mine is a little … too much and rambling (yes, rambling) about Sentinel gear. A vendor that allows you to change the graphic makes a lot more sense. But I’m not a developer and creative like that.

I’m just an angry blogging gamer. Now give me more colour options or else!

Anyways, until my bubble is burst into soap particles of dreams and hopes, I would like to think the suggestion box that I used to so heavily submit in and post about was not in vain. Which also leads me to believe, I gave up on an idea of suggestions (demands) and courses of top-level (IE not helpful) ideas for solutions, way too soon. Who knows, maybe a Suggestion #5 is in the works,


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