Warhammer Online: Whooops, how’d that happen?

I am trying to figure out what I want to do in WAR. I have my 70WP, but I’m in an inactive guild and I’m not sure that I’m going to find the right home in Badlands on Order. I’m also not looking forward to the gear for the WP as Salvation. Way too much mix to specialize properly. So lately I have just been PuGing Scenarios and doing my Emblem grind. And there are a lot more healers PuGing then I would have expected the past week.

So last night I got bored with not being the primary healer, I logged on my second Warrior Priest, who is Grace (Heal Melee) Spec’d. He could atleast use Conqueror Items. He needs the Emblems and the RR, so might as well take advantage of the heavy healer base we have been having. Overall, I was doing great, until about 3 times in a row we ran into either a well made 12 man premade or just awesomely focused PuGs. They were composed of multiple DoKs and toe to toe, I could not even come close. WP might have the better backline heal, but in melee, I don’t see how we are even mirrors.

Then I started to think, it was RR and gear. So I logged back in big Nich, dusted off the Invader gear, suited up the 24 strength talismans, pulled out my good old Lightbearer Great Hammer, and respeced my renown and my mastery. It might not be the best gear, but this is as good as you can get. Let’s see how I do.

Owned. Owned. Owned. Not even close. Pwned. Arrggghhh.

Then I go back and think about my Dual Wield post made just a couple of days ago. Ultimately I can’t build a Warrior Priest that is the DoK, but technically I could have one (again).

I used to have a full Dark Elf army on the table top. Why fight it?

It’s been so long since I played in the lower tiers and took it seriously. I made a DoK and a Black Guard, mainly just to be the magical salvager for talisman making for my DoK. This should be interesting starting from scratch again. It’s different from just starting a new toon on your existing server. You don’t have those ‘gifts’ to send them. No awesome purples too low for them to use. I mean a 14 Willpower Talisman means nothing in T4, but it’s a little unfair in T2. Not to mention your main can just go to the Auction House and buy you all your Mythic gear for you.

I did this kind of late night, so he is only rank 5. But I’m sure he’ll be rank 20 a little too quick. And 40 before I could think of it. I think I would rather see T4 sooner than later. I chose Gorfang, just because so many of my favorite bloggers are there.

So, hi Gorfang, please don’t suck. I would like to find a good home to stay in.


9 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Whooops, how’d that happen?

  1. order is generally higher rr than destro is on Gorfang tho it is a fun server otherwise.

    I would like to (informally) invite you to join the guild Damage Inc.

    • I’m good with better RR on the other side. It means better drops and even better sorrows for them when they get owned by an Annihilator wearing newb.

      Damage Inc huh? Sounds familar for some reason, do you have another guild of destro on Badlands too?

  2. Yeah I am just going to throw out a “sorry in advance” about the sucking. But hey I have order on Badlands too so you are used to the sucking.

  3. When I tried playing a Choppa on another server I was never really broke. Picked up TM and Scavenging and played the AH a bit so I could afford my mount around rank 14. Remember that you can use mounts in T2 RvR lakes and scenarios now.

    Good luck with the leveling. :)

  4. I’m getting back in the swing of checking your blog semi regularly, so forgive the necro-post.

    Welcome to Gorfang. Let me know when you get to T4.


    *innocent whistle*

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