Pink for Tink

I really never never ever expected to be hit on the Warherald Roll Call. Mainly due to my tone and possibly my overwhelming obviousness. However, I guess if you going to make a quick blog post on a good thing, I guess one should expect a thumbs up.

I do have to say, I am a little more than embarrassed for my own post. It was lack luster and not really containing anything. It almost looks like a cheap post to get hits. I feel as though I have let Tinkerhell and the survivor community down without even trying. It really is a pathetic post. So as follow-up, there were a couple of things I wanted to do. One of course was to remember to pick-up that sweet sweet pink dye, and to stop by the last name vendor, but most importantly, I wanted to add something my underarmor running shirt.

Clearly a horrible MS Paint rendition. None the less, on the way up to see my god son this weekend, I’ll be stopping to get a more professional embroidering on the back and left sleeve. All in time for the Susan G. Komen run I will be doing the next weekend. Not to mention every run and every race I do till this shirt falls apart.

Sure, no one will know what the hell that means, and sure, it kind of sounds a little dirty, but that’s just the kind of nut job I am. I’ll be sure to get a buddy to take a pic or two, show the readers my ugly mug.


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