Warhammer Online: Warrior Priest Dual Wield

If you were like me, you have been watching Warhammer Online’s developement since 2006. Since the announcement, our eyes have been glued to news, podcast, and one of my favorite monthly check-ups was to browse the concept art. Though this ended sometime around July last year just before the release of Hunter’s Vale, I still get the urge to once and again, click on the link and just cross my fingers that Mythic still magically had a concept and design team left.

As I logged onto my Warrior Priest and went into my bag to re-equip the Single Handed Hammer and Tome again,  (mainly due to the fact I only like the home screen animations for the 2 hander, I’m OCD like that) I realized that Mythic had updated the graphics to my Tome of Repose. Surprise. As I zoomed my camera in/out and spun around my toon, I was a little excited about a very small and almost useless to performance upgrade that Mythic had given us. It’s really the small things that can make you happy. It’s also the small things that give you a better chance of making something custom and unique.

All so long ago, when the game went to Open Beta, I was convinced I would be happy in a Witch Hunter. Then I thought more on the Sword Master. And by the end of Open Beta I was dead set on the Warrior Priest. And even funnier was at release, I ended up starting with a White Lion and a WP at the same time.

I was probably one of the first 40s on Avelorn Server. And I am sure of being the one of the very first into T4 there too. I had no job at the time, along with the Scenario queueing system broken beyond T2, and then at the same time no one venturing into the RvR Lakes; you really had nothing else to do but mission grind for XP.

I think it was the third week in and I was in Praag looking for Tome Unlocks as that became my new hobby; when /region lit up with (paraphrased, it’s been awhile) “come on people let’s go take that keep.” I think all of 12 people showed excited and bright-eyed as it would be our first keep take ever. We had levelled so fast, we missed our opportunities to do it in lower levels. We all showed up, no siege, no ideas. Just button smashing and chatting away.

To the point of this story: while taking the keep, there was another Warrior Priest there. I don’t even remember her name, but … she was holding 2 … count ’em … 2 single-handed hammers. I thought it was just in the concept art. However, she found it. What seemed like a second single hander was actually just a charm that’s art skin was simply a single hander. How simple and brilliant.

Not sure of why the art was removed from all tomes, I would guess that it had to do with the graphics and having the 2nd arm look lame and broken for having 2 weapons. I could also guess borrowing the DoK’s duel wield graphics didn’t match the warrior priest either so that was a no go. So somewhere along the way, Mythic had every intention, and even implimentation, but then did die the duel wield warrior priest, before anyone really ever got to see it.

The point is; Warrior Priest were meant to have the ability to have dual wield (graphically). The more important part is, I remembered a seemingly insignificant memory that in no turn will result in a change. Also on that note, I remember wiping on that keep hard. Looking back at the newbness we displayed compared to just instinctual movements for any player, puts a smile on my face. I can still remember being half geared in chapter influence rewards and half of Bloodlord gear. We used to be the Elites, one of the first to raid Bastion Stair. I remember us having a goal to fully understand it, so that we could help the rest of the guild get the “best” gear.

It was good times and good memories,

6 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Warrior Priest Dual Wield

  1. You know, there are shields out there that look like weapons too. I’ve seen a Swordmaster with two swords and my Knight had shield that displayed as a staff. So, I’m guessing that all of the models are wired up for dual-wielding.

    I don’t know why they don’t give it us as an option.

    • It’s been a while since I have seen some of those.

      I remember picking up a tome in T2 for my warrior priest that was graphically the Bright Wizards staff. That was a neat dual wield for a while.

  2. I’ve always said that Order got the short end on dual-wielding classes.


    Witch Hunter

    Is the WH truly a dual wielder? A rapier and pistol = two swords? (I don’t play a WH so I dunno.)

    For all the complaints about balance being able to dual wield can be a big advantage. A two-hammer wielding Warrior Priest would be pretty sweet. But for balance sake and if we count the WH as a dual-wielder, High Elves should get one.

    A fellow guildie SW often complains about the SW in the game trailer who dual-wields and schools that Marauder. And then there’s the TOVL SW backpiece that has two swords in it just waiting to be unsheathed and dual wielded. They would be my suggestion but would not be opposed to the WP.

    • I don’t see the WH being dual wield. In fact that was the hieght of the arguements in December of 2008, just before the first WE/WH nerf came. The WH doesn’t get the benifit of dual wield and the added dps, their equipment also helps raise their BS in sacrifice of STR and WS. BS on a WH is useless. And that took a major overhaul, but always gave them the disadvantage compared to their mirror.

      I always thought they had plans for dual wield WL. You could pickup and buy single hander axes for some reason. They eventually removed them from the game, but I presumed they had plans.

      I don’t think the Marauder counts as dual wield. Visually he is flalling, or waving or what ever that is. I think it looks like a fat kid spining about in a frantic, but that’s my opinion. But he’s not actually carrying a second weapon for stats and added dps. I remember some argueing that they rather give up a mutation for having dual wield. But the WE definately counts as dual wield.

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