Warhammer Online: New Cities -> New Guild

Last night after my long wait, I finally got to be apart of a new city seige. And lucky enough for me, I got to ride the renown train all the way there.

Ultimately, bottom line, I will have to go there more to really get a better opinion. And along with that, find a better built premade to get into. I don’t want  to judge the new city off my one experience last night.

I can say, the old system sucked. We all knew it. However the new system just screams a Battle for Praag but bigger. That’s really all I see. Who has the better premade? They win.

Well in one hour, I got bitched at, died about 17 times and I got 2 Warlord and 1 Royal Crests. I guess if we still had the old gear prices, I might actually be excited.

But the above problem of not having the enjoyment I possibly can, comes with not being in the right group. Ultimately, the only way I will have fun again in this game, is finding a guild with an alliance that is organized and willing. Otherwise I am at a dead-end and running PUGs. There was a time when PUGs was fine and I could live with that. Not at this stage in the game. 

I guess if you yelled “RR 70 Heal Spec Warrior Priest needs new home,” there probably wouldn’t be a shortage of offers. All I want quality 6 mans for SC premades, I want to finally finish up my Tyrant set, and now with the cities, I want a guild with an alliance that can put together a WB premade properly. Perfect elitism while maintaining a great guild attitude isn’t too much to ask, right?

I should probably have a chat with the guild leader tonight. I don’t want to leave on bad terms. Whoring myself out might cause a problem.


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