Warhammer Online: Patch 1.3.5 Night Woes

So watching the Herald throughout my day at work on Wednesday, much to my suprise when I checked the status of the servers, the patch was completed within the morning.

So by the time I wa ready to go home (7ish EST), I checked again. To my suprise after such a big patch, no other down times. “Awesome,” I thought as I rushed home in my anticipation.

I log on to my beloved Warrior Priest, once again enthusiastic about the possiblities that might exist with what I thought was his dead career. Get on for all of a minute, and then Badlands crashed.

“Hmmmmmmm …. whatever, I’ll go play with my new toons.”

Vokmar then crashes. Whoops, servers need maintenance. Check back around 8.


Check back at 9.

“Alright, I’ll go get some sushi.”

Ummmmm …. shit. We may need till 10:30. Aaahhhhhh …. actually 11:30.

“Ummmmm … so you might be limited in staff guys. I live just down the street, you want some coffee or something?”

How much must it suck to be the night staff? Good luck guys,


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