Warhammer Online: Attack of the Birds

Sure enough as I predicted,  work was slow and I took some well deserved time and left early. Went home and started to install WAR while I went for a run. I seem to remember the first re-install I had to do a year ago, took almost a day. The disc installed in 30 minutes, and then the 2 GB patches took another 2 hours maybe. But that might be the new FIOS in action.

In any fashion, I’m back in WAR.

My first night back was… familiar. I logged onto a short numbered guild, a lacking alliance and a zergfest RvR lake.

After finding all my curse add-ins and reloading my UI a couple hundred times, I went off in search of battle. Starting the night I could only find a small 6 man trying to defend unclaimed keeps one by one as they fell.  We would then be pushed into Altdorf, shortly following that a huge army of 4 WBs working in sync to capitalize their Renown appeared. I followed in suite.

5 Zone flips and not one piece of PvP to be found the whole time, I dinged level 69. WAR is truly a unique grind when it comes to MMOs.

I did notice one big and annoying difference in WAR though. When I read about the billing fiasco and the rewards program I did not realize the scale of those effected. The rampaging forces we travelled with was a blob of Black and White armored toons all on Griffons. Do you have any idea how hard it is to navigate with all those feathers about?

Somewhere in our herding to the north BO in Black Crag, a narrow point turn must have taken place, causing well over 2 WBs to miss the turn and plummet to their deaths in the canyon below. I’m not going to lie, it was hilarious. To think, the very mount you ride hauling giant ass wings is the very reason, for your fall to your very lemming like death. That was the highlight of my night, completely overshadowing the the new RR. But I also have a problem with enjoying things like that.

I guess I should start a new toon. I think the reason I so easily just forgot to log back in was the fact my character was at a dead-end in his career.

I did see one big difference in battle immediately, and that’s the healing debuffs. I knew it was a problem. I also noticed significantly lesser amounts of Sorcs. The world is a slightly better place. Unless you are a sorc/BW, then I would pretty bitter.


4 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Attack of the Birds

  1. A video of that from a ground perspective would be AMAZING. On a related note, riding my chicken around into scenarios directly into my enemies seems to unnerve them something fierce. They’re not just huge functional mounts for me.

    Good to see yer back in the swing of things. Find a not-dead guild!

  2. Thanks,

    More I think about it. The more I should just re-roll. There is no point in hanging on to toon(s) that I could remake in less than 3 weeks with some elbow grease. They are wearing PvE gear anyways.

    I see Volkmar servers have bonuses for levelling on both sides. That might be the place to go.

    Thinking of doing a DoK and BG combo.

  3. I think I know that curve and drop you’re talking about. I almost went off there a few times myself. Alas, no griffon mount. Iron Rock is a lot of fun …

    Glad you’re back. I’ve added you to my blogroll.

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