I’m alive, and pondering, and pondering some more.

Hello again,

Funny how a small couple of changes in life can domino you into a totally new life style. Work blew up with some pretty heavy projects and my training for running marathons just … well … took over as my hobby. My computer just went dormant.

So no, I didn’t die, nor did I have the massive nerd rage logoff that I always predicted all this time. I just literally didn’t turn back on my computer, and I let my subscription run out for WAR. Thanks to all those that either sent emails or posted comments, I must have made an impression in my time.

So last week I hurt my leg while running and I recieved all this time on my hands. In my boredom I popped back in some old favorites (COD, Civ4, Total War Medieval), even bought Batman: Asylum, great game FYI. And for some reason on Saturday, Steam, which I bought Batman on, just decided that I no longer am allowed to log in. So, I went to my email while trying to facilitate that problem and in the mean time, I took EVE Online up on their email offer to allow my 2 weeks free on my old account.

EVE was EVE. Nothing has really changed in 2 years, other than making even more stuff that makes it more and more difficult for new players to ever get in the game. While wandering about and trying to remember how to play again, I ended up forgetting about some key fundamental mechanics of the game. Got podded while exploring and lost about 3 weeks of training out of Gallente Cruiser V, basically keeping me out of my best ships. And then later in the day, after the nerd rage subsided, I for some reason clone jumped while having another one of my fully implanted clones in the station, completely destroying it.  So in less than 3 hours of playing, I set my character back by 3 weeks in training, then lost about 200 million ISK in implants, and no longer have the ability to fly missions or rat with the expensive ships I have to do it with.

CCP: I can’t stress enough putting up major warnings, especially for us comeback guys that can easily forget the most basic things. I ended up doing really basic newb things that we learn early on and lose maybe an hour of training and maybe a little ISK that would take all of a couple rats to fix. I was nice enough to give you a chance with a petition, ha. But I think I know the answer. Sorry CCP, but I don’t think I am coming back. Would love to, but I think I took one too many breaks from the game and I am far too behind the ball.

So I sit here reading through my email, and finally having a day at work that isn’t for the first time in months not horribly active, and thinking, “what the hell are you going to do for the time?”

I wonder what’s going on in WAR. I see I missed my chance to buy a $600 bonus for endless Chaos Black and my Griffon Mount. I wonder if my guild will have me back?

We’ll see, I might just take the time to install the extensive WAR game tonight. And who knows, maybe you’ll see me post some opinions fairly soon.


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