I regret.

I liked my home on Phoenix Throne. Yeah, it was an RP server. Yeah, we were heavily out numbered by Destro. Yeah, we were basically unable to ever lock a zone even if our lives depended on it. But I liked it.

I was associated with a guild that used to be a very active guild. An old one too. In hopes that they would come back, I never left and stayed in a guild of maybe 3 active people. And we still never grouped up. We formed an alliance of multiple small guilds with basically the same story. All from different RP servers, all unwilling to leave their once glorious home.

Phoenix Throne for Order was basically split into two entities. One part small group based (high end content) and another of very casual, RP based or zerg mob players. My guild and myself for that time were somewhat linked with the large community of casual players. I guess it never bothered me too much. I was a well-known WP and I was basically on many peoples friends list. I was always being pinged for groups as soon as I logged in.

So when the server merge came for PT and DC, I chose poorly. Despite knowing that I would have more fun and more access to high level content with “the Elistist” that left for Iron Rock, I still followed my guild to Badlands server.

Since that time I have watched players disappear and the deterioration of old guilds I used to know. The players I used to know, rather play in everything but T4. Just re-rolling new toons, and deleting them to do it all over again. A slight level over endless free trial players.

I found a new guild that atleast tries to do the high level content, but the server itself is just … horrible. The community hates one another. They constantly do things to spite one another at no gain to anyone. They do it just to be dicks. Being in the Open RvR is just completely crap. Watching Region is like watching a group of pimply teens fighting over an old 70’s porno mag. They are unable to get to Stage 2 in the city, and the 2 times they have, they have failed horribly in every instance and king kill. The night time is ruled by morons and the day time is ruled by the asain market.

1/3 of the population refuses to come back to T4. Another 3rd just runs blindly in Open RvR sucking up RvDoor renown. And there is one 3rd that looks like they know what they are doing, but has pissed off the other 2/3rds so bad, they can’t figure out how to do anything as a Realm. There is no coordination and definitely alot of deep hate and disrespect for one another. Phoenix Throne is but a dream now.

I like my new guild, and I still have friends about, but they aren’t night players like me. We meet up on weekends, but so many of them are hot headed, they easily get pissed off. City Seige, they log off for 2 hours. Dungeon is taking too long, they take 3 hour lunch breaks. Some don’t like to SC runs, so forming a complete premade of just our guild is impossible. I like them, I just would like to see more of them.

So this all gets me wondering: Why am I here?

I like this game. Really. The posts on my blog are like the disappointment you have in your gay son. Doesn’t mean you don’t love him. Best analogy I could think of.

I’m not really leaving anything behind. I have a RR70 WP with no chance of Warlord Gear. And getting full Tyrant really doesn’t seem possible unless I piss off some people and beg my way into the über guilds. Yeah, I have a collection of Purple Talismans and a crapload of Black Dye. But that really doesn’t matter since I’m never going to get anything to put that on. I really don’t have much to leave behind.

Leveling a character takes no time it seems. Same for crafting. 

Re-roll, possibly enjoy the game again? Or just trudge through and wait for the next thing to come out?

Hmmmmm ….. hard to say.

7 thoughts on “I regret.

  1. Come to iron rock. We have a small bomb group going and just missing one healer. We are pretty close knit so not much arguments. We recently rerolled and are at tier 3 only now.
    (Though we are experienced players in T4)

  2. I hear you about PT. I was an Ostermark —> PT transfer who really grew to enjoy the community there. There was plenty of Order I loved to hate, but in the end, I hated loving them. The forums weren’t full of nerdrage or hate and when one side accomplished something, there were congrats all around. It’s too bad the server population died a slow, agonizing death.

    Destro on Badlands seems to be working together nicely, although there are times when it’s impossible to get anything going. But then again, I am sort of glad. It should take a herculean effort to defeat the enemy king. If it someday becomes possible for a zerg of PUGs to get to the end game just by being a zerg, then I think the game is going in the wrong direction.

    I was one of the Destro that killed the king on Badlands on Sunday, and I have to say it was all due to our new alliance. I am happy that I accomplished it, but, I feel like it would have meant WAY more to do it on PT.

  3. Sorry to hear the woes. You need to do something to make sure you still have fun in game, or else there’s no point in playing it.

    I know Iron Rock and Gorfang are both strong servers and good players can find welcoming homes there if they try.

  4. Yeah ! I miss the Ostermark (and PT) server camaraderie. Transfering to PT was not a fun decision and I did have fun for a while… Then the bullshit fell down. Elitist jerks, PuGs noobiness, social woes, etc.

    The second transfer to Badlands was the last nail to the coffin of WAR /quit. I had fun while it lasted and I do miss my friends from Ostermark.

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