Warhammer Online: Scenario Changes Now only Communicated by Diaries

Mike Wyatt has posted on Scenarios and helped put what Andy said on the forums into officialism. I actually kind of like this whole put a face to the guy we want to murder for the ideas we may or may not like. Thumbs up to more communication through the Herald. You make me happy.

Horay, you found a happy medium between Outraged Old Schoolers and enthusiast of SC Grinding Premade Groups. Maybe ….

You get a giant MEH at this though: Tier 4 players will not be able to queue for any Scenario if Altdorf or The Inevitable City are in a contested state.”

“… there’s almost nothing that we don’t know about the ebb and flow of what’s going on within Warhammer Online by staring at endless spreadsheets filled with all sorts of numbers.”

Well, you must be seeing different charts than me. Check your numbers in T4 when a City Siege occurs. You see that giant slope down? Yeah, that’s not good. Unless that’s needed time for your servers to cool down or your way of enforcing mandatory breaks, then yes, you win.

“Before anyone goes out and purchases a pitchfork to storm the Mythic Entertainment studio (too late?)”

We have lots of time to think about that while we are bored witless during that hour and half. Just something to think about,


3 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Scenario Changes Now only Communicated by Diaries

  1. I’d be much happier if they just allow SCs during the 30 minutes of rebuilding, and re-open the campaign. It gives the players a choice, stay and farm invader, or go out and fight. Also, locking people out of everything else for an hour and a half is bad. They cut the city siege down from two hours, but the rebuilding makes it effectively only a 30 minute difference.

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