Warhammer Online: Dev Diary: Sean Bosshardt and You

Yesterday, a Dev’s name popped up on the Herald that I didn’t recognize. But apparently wants to be the face on our dartboards  for when we start blaming for mistakes for RvR weapons. I’m joking of course. There was a definite lack in better weaponry in the game and really not only are the additions a good idea, but the encouragement to get more people in Scenarios for less Zerg based game play, is also a good move.

As I read through his letter I realized that he writes alot like myself. Stream of thought and the hell with edits.

I know there is alot of floating information out there right now on the new upcoming RvR weapons, and many of the great blogs on my right tab have been there for the test nights and Vent questions to answer many. As stated before, I don’t do the test server stuff anymore, so I rely on their info.

I guess my biggest question has been, what is the ease and difficulty of attaining a particular weapon? If Emblems are comparable to Crest, then I already give up. I’m RR 69 and I have 7 Warlord Crest, not one Royal.

If these Emblems just are automatically obtained, not dropped, by simply running SCs and the rank of the Emblem is based on your particular level, what kind of grind will it take to afford such a weapon.? I hate grinding.

Looking at the test server, the cost of such weapons seems extreme. However Q&As have revealed those cost to be fake. I looked to the diary of Mr. Sean Item Man to hopefully fill that gap of a question. I read this:

“One of the struggles with this system is wrestling with cost. How do we keep the cost of each individual weapon appropriate so that it feels attainable without too much of a grind, while maintaining a similar time investment to that of individual pieces of set armor? Ultimately, we decided to go with a progression system that we believe will feel organic and natural to you.”

Who the hell is “YOU”?

Is “you” the player that is on military leave for 5 months and has been playing from 7AM to 11Pm everyday, and has already made 3 RR 80s in that time?

Is “you” the player that you haven’t banned using Warbuddy and taking AFKs in Nordland and slowly out RRing me?

Is “you” the super casual player that seems to make up over half of each server and either refuses to make a character into T4 or just finally hit 40 yesterday and doesn’t understand what a Ward is yet?

Or is “you” me. A player that tries to atleast say ‘hi’ each night to guildmates and do something, if only for and hour and makes one of his weekend days his big rest up play day? Maybe 12 hours of play time a week. Probably only 7 to 8 in PvP.

If it feels natural for one of many of the Players on Badlands that logs on maybe once a week for 2 hours, then I’ll be holding a Warlord Tome before you even release the patch. If it feels natural for that guy that on his 5th RR80 toon, then can you up the Conqueror Tome to atleast have +8 RF building. Maybe that can be my Christmas present to myself.

My point is, is I dislike Vague. Can you give an example of what it would take to hold an Invader weapon. Warlord? Time, SC won, some kind of scale.

I’m irritated at the absolute low rate of Warlord Crest Drops. And after last night, Stage 2 just doesn’t seem possible. 31 winning instances to one stage loss in an hour and we got 64 VPs. Warlord gear is just not on my planner for attainable goals. What is in store for the Weapons?

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