Warhammer Online: The Warrior Priest

I think it’s important to not only fully understand your class, but to understand what’s broken about your class.

And as an enthusiast of the Warrior Priests, I feel it’s important that actual issues be heard about the class itself. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of the forums. The outspoken cries of idiocy are not in reference to what needs to be fixed or what is not working, rather than cries about imbalance.

As for me in game, I use my Main Warrior Priest through Salvation/Grace for Scenarios and Vulture Lord/Lost Vale, I also use a secondary WP in full Grace/Min Salvation for RvR and Crypts. I also have a third that was an experiment with Wrath, but I only keep him as a cultivator. So why on earth keep that many of the same class?

One: Because I already made them on different servers at different times as I bounced around trying to find a home.

Two: Because it’s not about re-speccing (which is awful expensive to do all the time), it’s about also having the right gear and renown abilities.

The issue is that a Warrior Priest/DoK lines of mastery aren’t like other healers, you can’t have best of both worlds, or even mediocre of different fields. You can’t be full on Single Target heal, with some group HoTs like a RP/Zealot. Or a full healer with some de-buffs like an AM/Shaman. No its, Full Heal, Full Melee Heal or Full Damage. Anything trying to balance in between fails. And it does. If you feel you are having success in between, it’s a fluke, you could be doing better.

A back line healer (Salvation) Warrior Priest relies on Willpower and major Righteous Fury Pools to keep with healing. So this line has to have a purple book. Blue won’t cut it. Mix this with some tactics that help increase your RF easier and you can become a healing machine. This healer has about 980 Willpower and 280 Strength.

Grace on the other hand can dish alot of heals. Especially when the tanks are struggling on the door from oil. But all the heals are based on what you hit for. So Willpower is not necessarily your friend. Strength is. The harder you hit, the more you heal for. The other day I had a Critical Heal off of Divine Strike for 2K. This Warrior Priest of mine, sports over 700 Strength, with Sigmars Fist, 800 and little over 360 Willpower.

So keeping on respeccing both mastery lines and renown, than keeping side gear to better suite your strength or willpower on one Warrior Priest, is actually way more exhausting than just simply leveling a second WP to 40 and keeping each handy when you need them. When you think about it having 2 is not so crazy.

However, from experience I can tell you, a Wrath Warrior Priest is a waste. You will never be like a DPS DoK. You really can do just about the same damage under Grace, except you can actually help people that way. It’s not a hard choice. A 25% heal debuff is nothing. A Spirit DoT AoE could be useful. Oh it’s a 1 second cast and easily set back? Yeah, no. Sure there is a Tactic to increase your Crit chance by 15%, but is one tactic worth buying a whole line for.

So the first issue with the Warrior Priest is that one of the Mastery Lines (Wrath is practically useless. Sure, you could be a PvE solo running WP, and then I could possibly see why you would like the Wrath line. But then I would wonder why you are even playing this game that is about mass PvP with forced broken PvE dungeons to obtain gear. To make Wrath worth it, all the damage amounts need to be adjusted upward. If that happens, we will revisit.

There are numerous problems with cast times. Randomly, I will experience massive setbacks on simple casts. Judgement being one, a 1 sec Spirit Damage cast. And Divine Aid being the other. This isn’t an opposing ability that is causing higher cast times. At random, these abilities will end up taking 4 to 8 seconds to cast. You can test this, by just standing alone and casting Divine Aid over and over on yourself. And eventually you will encounter the “super cast.” We aren’t talking a 2 second delay from server lag, or from lag at all, just a bug in the cast that ends up talking a long fricken time to cast. In combat you end up jumping up and down, hoping to break the cast so you can do something else. It’s practically a Stagger that you do to yourself.

RF and AP pools stop regenerating randomly. We had this problem back in September right after the AP fix came. Don’t know why, but at random PvP (and occasionally Dungeons) moments when the RF and AP pools are low or empty they will start to rebuild and then disappear. I might have thought that the AP was actually a Maruader AP drain ability, but nothing that I know of drains RF. A fix is needed, and fast.

And my biggest complaint with Warrior Priests, and this really pertains to all healers, that our Purifies only work for Hexes and Curses, but not Ailments.  Other healers might be able to complain about not having the ability to remove Curses. But you really have screwed us WP in dungeons. Particularly in Vutlure Lord. Any other dungeon, you can easily take 2 WPs if need be, but that’s not even a possibility with VL.


6 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: The Warrior Priest

  1. Very interesting read. I’m tempted to get back to WAR and see how things are. I had many characters in T4 but not very good geared, one of my problems to be an Altholic.

    The Warrior Priest was one of my favourites, I tried Salvation/Grace and Grace/Salvation. Loved both but I did RvR more than anything.

    If I get back I think I better start from scratch and re-learn how to play, it’s been a long time…

  2. This was were helpful I am thinking about being WP in WAR but anyone I ask keeps saying that he suks in damage and that his only good for healing

    • That really depends on gear. In the post, my point is trying to be a little bit of everything a WP can be is an ultimate fail. Pick a speciality.

      WP can dish some damage. But you need the gear (RvR gear is best) and all your stats in STR and your Tali slot in that field as well. The Wrath line is interesting. If my third WP actually had some RR and the right gear, he might be fun to play.

      There is nothing wrong with a DPS WP. You can put out some nice DPS, and pretty decent AOE and crowd control along with it. the real abilities of a lolDPS WP is in the mastery tree. So as long as you run in groups where they know that you are DPS, you should be fine. Who would mind a DPS, that actually has survivability and then the ability to back-up lol heal and rez?

      There was a time on my early days on Chaos Waste server (the only RP ORvR server) I ran with a guild called Altdorf Saints, which was mostly composed of Warrior Priest. We would organize with 2 Salvation, 2 Grace and 2 Wrath WP. That was deadly 6 man. Dungeon and RvR wise.

  3. Was hoping i would find someone with some helpful info on a WP trying to do dps,mainly because everyone i ask flat out tells me to go salvation and be a healbot.

    But my question is: How good are Grace specced WP’s at 40/80 dps wise and healing wise?

    Cause i will never ever go salvation and wrath is gimped to all hell from what i can tell about it.

    • Right now, I’m abit frustrated with the Grace WP compared to the DoK, I’m actually experimenting with DoK right now. A Grace WP is fun, its just not as powerful as it should be.

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